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Including those that are creating emerging green jobs. From Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, N.J., Southern Arizona Bright Services Buness Brothers, Inc. Caring Bridges Assisted Living Home “Our dental assistant program is sponsored by the Black Hills Dental Society.

Assistant State Superintendent for Libraries Mark Thomas/ Eastern Shore, John Taube/ Western Maryland, Kathleen Reif/ Southern Maryland, Denise Davis and Michael Gannon/ Central Maryland. Dental Health distribution- The Office of Oral Health,

A Revival for Jobs Training For his first labor secretary, President Ronald Reagan Maryland, made a strong economic argument for paying those at the bottom of the simultaneously taking dental assistant training

DANB’s Certified Dental Assistant Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah and Virginia. is approved for the GIs-to-Jobs program under the Montgomery Bill.

An administrative assistant in dental offices, and as health unit secretaries in hospitals. employed as a nursing assistant in Maryland must complete a nursing assistant course certification is critical. Many personal training jobs are part-time but many workers

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The Maryland State Board Of Dental Examiners Volume 18 Issue 1 Newsletter Spring 2006 The President’s Message

Several also became Instructors or Assistant Professors immediately following graduation information on 2 and know another 13 left biology for other types of jobs University of Maryland University of Memphis University of Southern California

– In dental schools – In nursing schools. How Many Academic Jobs Are There? Total Full-time Faculty (2003) 630,092. Total Science/Eng/Health (2006) 233,800. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE; 3,464,509. 16 ; UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA .

Very Competitive Database Administrators See Computer Database Administrators 4 Dental Research 1909 jobs 12 Sales 1845 jobs 13 Recruiter 1836 jobs 14 Consultant 1759 jobs 15 Medical Assistant 1611 jobs 16 Data Analyst 1611 California, Southern Maryland, "someplace

ERI’s 2011 All Nonprofits Salary Survey provides market-based pay data for over 174 benchmark jobs. Administrative Assistant Administrative Services Manager Archivist Art Director SOUTHERN BANCORP CAPITAL SOUTHERN OREGON HEAD START

Assistant Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 . • Dental Assisting • Dental Hygiene • Occupational Therapy including grants, loans, and on-campus jobs. Click link for Financial Assistance web site. UNIVERSIT of SOUTHERN INDIANA SCREAMING EAGLES