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Mission, San Jose City, Cabrillo, West Valley, and Ohlone community Construction Technology instructor will become NABCEP Certified for a Solar Technician Training Course to be offered in fall 2009; system. Laney recently

EMPLOYMENT TRAINING PANEL M e m o r a n d u m To: Panel Members Date: April 26, 2007 From System and to use the employer-specific training programs that SVWIN has Zip: San Jose CA 95131 Contact Person/Title: Jacquelyn Moshref Telephone No.: 408 935-5000 Collective Bargaining

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This is a strategic regional response to meet the need for a skilled workforce in photovoltaic solar system design and installation. Partners: Silicon Valley Leadership Group, SolarTech, NOVA WIB, and Mission, San Jose City NABCEP Certified for a Solar Technician Training Course to be

• Solar Photovoltaic System Installers 1. Avalon Bay Communities Inc., San Jose, CA, 2. Avalon Bay Communities, Inc. Sacramento, CA, 3. ODW Logistics Inc., Bernardino Employment Training Agency, CA 5.Pure Sustainable Solar San Diego, CA 5.Grid Alternatives, San Diego,

training system • Comprehensive on-the-job training • Supervision by San Jose, CA 95126 USA Tel: 408-280-6222 Fax: 408-280-6255 E-mail: q Lab Technician q Lab Assistant Manager q Marketing Manager q Marketing Associate

2, San Jose, C hool. There d lab area. T tudents. Th ses. High American Century College’s campus in California is located at 1590 Oakland Road Suite B112, San Jose, CA 95131 Journeyman Electrician, Solar System Installer, Maintenance Technician are some of the

San Jose/Evergreen Community College District . Santa Clara : Innovation Lab, Solar Panel Manufacturing Center and access to private venture equity funds. Training, Pilot 2: Solar Design Engineer, Pilot 3: