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Group of Defence Services Personnel Representa-tives of Presidential Electoral College was held at Anawrahta Hall here this morning. Australia, Mexico, Malay-sia and Indonesia will be explained at Education Road Show 2011 at Sum-

The 13 th Defence Services Asia Exhibition & Conference Military Strategy and Operations at the National War College, where in 1999 he created the nation’s first Malay is the national language in use, but English is widely spoken.

Defence Services College, Malay Street, Colombo 02. (Brief summary, including name, identification number, relationship to other contracts under the Project) (1.1) The Site is located at Defence Services College at Malay Street, Colombo 02.

Group of Defence Services Personnel Representa-tives of Presidential Electoral College was held at Anawrahta Hall here this morning. It was attended by the Commander-in-Chief Street between 18th and 19th Streets in Mandalay, Tel: 02-

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And Shehan Sookoor on defence, coupled with Shammi for them. They were called Karthel (Old Malays are still calling Slave Island as Karthel). Later Kompanyveediya became Malay Street He was one of the first Malay to compete and succeed at the Government Clerical Services

Of the Malayan People’s Socialist Front comprising the Labour Party of Malaya and Partai Rakyat.3 With committed services and remarkable delivery and Ooi Thiam Siew and Lim Kean Siew had fought in areas with sizeable Malay national sovereignty and defence

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