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Aide and Technician Certification Section Training Program Review Unit MS 3301 PO Box 997416 Sacramento, designated by the training program provider as an RN Program Director for the Home Health or chest x-ray. 3)

Education & Training Director . Emergency Room Technician . Environmental Services Director . (x-ray) Technician . Radiology Director (Non-MD) Radiology Supervisor . Registered Nurse . Rehabilitation Services Director . Respiratory Therapist (Certified) Respiratory Therapist (Registered)

Dog trainers teach dogs to do tricks, to hunt and track, to Specialized training and certification Salary: $25,950 Annual Average (US Bureau of Labor and Statistics) Location of Jobs: All United States Working Conditions: Animal trainers work indoors or outdoors. They train animals in

To!) traditional jobs, the lure of working with dogs full-time becomes strong. Unfortunately for those who wish to work with dogs—as trainers, Starting a dog training business takes less capital than most enterprises, but you still run the risk of losing money and possibly failing.

Conducts basic and advanced explosives and narcotics detection patrol dog training courses. Level I is a trainee job and is Non-Exempt; Levels II, III, and IV are Exempt jobs. I Performs a variety of simple tasks with direct oversight. Knowledge of processes, methods and procedures

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For health-related jobs, training in relevant fields such as physiology, biochemistry, or pharmacology will be particularly helpful. For management or consulting jobs, experience in environmental science, conservation biology or population and community ecology may be

Child Day Care Training/Prog Dev Consultant 04021. Registered Nurse 34897. Registered Nurse B 34899. Registered Nurse C 34915. Rehabilitation Admin Counselor I 04211. X-Ray Supervisor I 04676. X-Ray Technician II 04672.

Registered Nurses Registered Nurse* $21.65 $45,040 OCCUPATIONAL EMPLOYMENT AND WAGES, Many states require certification or licensure to perform certain jobs, such as operating X-ray equipment. consider pursuing training for Basic X-ray with Medical Office Procedures.

Most technician training physical therapy chiropractor. LPN X-ray technician physician assistant post RN/BSN training. Respiratory therapist *decision of Recreation Part-tine jobs. Miscellaneous

(PACU) RN 46 . ARRT – Radiology Technician 3 Pediatric RN 47 . Cardiac Cath Lab Tech 4 Pediatric ICU RN 48 . Coronary Care Unit RN 5 Plastics RN 49 . Cardiac Care RN 6 Postpartum RN/LPN 50 . Utilizes X-ray equipment to conduct radiological . Pheresis training is an asset.

Registered Nurse (RN). Performs computer entry (i.e., lab, x-ray, dietary, ADT, schedule appointments, and other data as necessary). May transcribe doctors orders (must be co -signed by the RN). contracting, and training.