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APPALACHIAN DISTANCE EDUCATION RN-BSN PROGRAM community college courses that may be taken to fulfill the RN-BSN Required Core/Cognate courses are listed in the right art, dance, drama, foreign language, music, literature, interdisciplinary humanities, philosophy, and religion LITERATURE

Highland Community College ___ ENG 207 Narrative Film (3) ___ ENG 208 Introduction to Short Story (3) RN NURSING REQUIREMENTS (22 credits) NUR220 LPN to RN Transition (1) NUR225 Advanced Nursing Skills (4)

1 CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts FTV 130 – 5 Introduction to Visual Storytelling COURSE SYLLABUS & OUTLINE FALL 2010

Endsley Kells Eggert (303) 518-0579 endsley@endsleyeggert.com endsleyeggert.com Education Chapman University-Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in May 2007. The Line is the second short fi lm that Davis shot for fellow Chapman student director Kent Bassett. The fi lm focuses on two sets of fathers and sons whose characters attempt to rebuild

CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY DODGE COLLEGE OF FILM AND MEDIA ARTS. http://www.nakebooks.com/martial-art-PDF-79291256.html. http://www.nakebooks.com/ninja-assassin-PDF-79291257.html. http://www.nakebooks.com/archive-ucla-PDF-79291258.html.

Teaching Assistant, Dodge College of Film & Media Arts • Course: FTV 244 (History of Film to 1945) PUBLICATIONS, HONORS, AWARDS & MEMBERSHIPS • “Negotiating the Dangerous Compromise: Curtis Harrington’s Nice Guys Don’t Work in Hollywood.”

NURSING LPN TO RN BRIDGE PROGRAM-ROLLA East Central College–1964 Prairie Dell Rd.–Union, MO 63084–636.583.5193 Fiction EN 1703: Drama As Literature EN 1803: Art of the Novel EN 1813: Fiction Into Film EN 1903: Classical Mythology EN 2103: Surv British Lit:Beg-1784 EN 2113: Surv British

2014-2015 Pellissippi State Community College Nursing LPN-RN Pathway SEMESTER CREDIT HOURS TERM COMPLETED GRADE ENGL 2520 -Introduction to Drama ENGL 2810 -Introduction to Film Studies

Wilmington College Application for Undergraduate Admission q RN to BSN q Pre-RN q Hispanic Cultural Certificate Minors q Digital Film q Drama q Finance q Global Management q Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing q History

registered nurse. Must be chosen from fine arts, music, or theater-related film, theater and communication arts courses. 2. Humanities subjects are: communications –related drama, English (2000 level or above), foreign

O Humanities courses include Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Foreign Language, Film, Philosophy, Theater and Photography The Advance Standing policy for LPN to RN may be obtained from the Nursing Department. A PN graduate from Westchester Community College’s LPN program who obtained a grade