Registered Dental Assistant Written Exam

DENTAL ASSISTING Test: Registered Dental Assistant Exam YEAR # of GRCC grads taking Licensure OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSISTANT Test: National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy Written Licensure Exam GRCC Percent Passing State or National Benchmark

DENTAL ASSISTING Test: Registered Dental Assistant Exam YEAR # of GRCC grads taking Licensure Exam # of GRCC grads passing Written Licensure Exam State of Michigan Average Written Score GRCC Percent Passing clinical State of Michigan Average Clinical Score 2011

CALIFORNIA DENTAL PRACTICE ACT 2014 THE MANY HATS IN DENTISTRY RDA Registered Dental Assistant RDAEF (2) Applicants for RDA licensure shall demonstrate satisfactory performance on written exam in Law and Ethics

Following is a list of publications that may help you prepare for the written exam. The list does not include all dental assisting REGISTERED DENTAL ASSISTANT WRITTEN EXAMINATION REGISTRATION You are eligible to participate in the California Registered Dental Assistant Examination (RDA).

The written exam become Certified Medical Assistants (CMA) and are eligible to receive a Registered Dental (Medical) • Registered Elementary Nurse • Dental Lab Assistant

Do you plan on taking the examinations to become licensed as a Registered Dental Assistant This program is approved by the Dental Board of California and is accredited by the a student is eligible to take the national written (CDA) exam to obtain the Certified Dental

DENTAL ASSISTANT Associate of Applied Science Degree Program be prepared to take the California Dental Association (CDA) exam demonstrate critical thinking information literacy skills meet Social Science, Humanities, Written Communication, and Quantitative Reasoning distribution

Cement and adjust temp restorations; Remove fixed ortho bands & brackets Dental Assistant or disclose what’s NOT included. (Example: Coupons advertising “free dental exam and x Under Direct Supervision Dental Assistant Credentials may include… Registered Dental

Dental Assistant II January 19, 2011. 2 Presented by: registered to perform reversible, passage of a written exam. The sponsoring program may offer this instruction online. 9

A National written examination, examinations in California law and take the exam and the reason why. After your application is processed, performed by a dental assistant and registered dental assistant, under the designated supervision of a

Professional dental assistants who will pass the State of Michigan Registered Dental Assistant Exam, Evaluation of the qualities listed below will be discussed with the dental assistant each semester. Written comments may be given and records will be maintained.

dental assistant who has graduated from a formal dental assistant program in Manitoba and provides proof that they have registered to write the NDAEB exam. Upon successful completion and proof that they have successfully completed the NDAEB written exam thereof a dental assistant will be