Registered Dental Assistant Application

Dental Assistant Application Checklist There are 3 ways to obtain a license as a dental assistant in the State of New Jersey. Registered Dental Assistant Examination administered by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) within ten years of

Tarrant County College Dental Program Registered Dental Assisting Exam Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is a RDA stand and how do I get registered to expose dental x-rays?

Dental Anesthesia Assistant Certification Application Packet Contents: Dental Anesthesia Assistant Certification Application .. 5 pages 4.632-004 . Out-of-State Credential Verification Notice to Spouses and Registered Domestic Partners of

Certified Dental Assistant status and the California State board written and practical (RDA) examinations to obtain the Registered Dental Assistant License. Application to the Dental Assisting Program

SUPERVISING DENTAL ASSISTANT, Possession of a current license as a Registered Dental Assistant in California. The application form for Supervising Dental Assistant, Correctional Facility is contained within the internet

California Dental Radiation Safety Certificate, Certificate and be eligible to apply for and take the Registered Dental Assistant Examination offered by the State of California. Schedule : Application Process : Applications will be accepted from April 15,

19 Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions (RDAEF) California Allowable Functions (Functions with numbers relate specifically to Core Competency designations;

DENTAL ASSISTANT The dental assistant is an integral member of the dental health team, competent via education, experience, and understanding of patient

Application for Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions (RDAEF) Examination and Licensure : FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE : FEES . Application: $20.00 . Examination: $250.00 . Total $270.00 . Written examination fees will be paid directly to PSI at a

Applicants for Registered Dental Assistant licensure in California must pass the practical, written and law and ethics exams, and undergo a criminal history investigation, prior to receiving a license.

PH #3166 DENTAL ASSISTANT APPLICATION RDA #S 836-1 Rev. 04/05 Page 2 of 3 IMPORTANT: You must have a registration issued by the Tennessee Board of Dentistry in your

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