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49 Public Health Dentist Checkpoint Are you innovative and creative enough to design dental programs or policies for a diverse society? Do you find the neglected

Public Health Dental Hygienist in a State MA “Welcome the frustration in your work as a sign of growth and look for opportunities to continue learning.” o Currently serves as a Public Health Specialist for the New York

Public Health Dental Hygienist in Blueprint team .5 FTE Public Health Dental Hygienist $50,000 annual salary, 100% fringe and overhead = $50,000 Clinical provider qualifies for federal match Evaluation $25,000

DENTAL HYGIENIST Nature of Work: Under general supervision, organization, and administration of public health programs. NOTE: Professional class for salary purposes. Established: 7/16/92 Effective: 8/16/92. Author: WVDOP

Practice in public or school health programs. Job Outlook Nationally, employment of dental DENTAL HYGIENIST Salary Range: $40,450-$86,530 per hour Personal Interests: Work well with other people and have good manual dexterity

*wages and salary data provided by the Bureauof Labor Statistics, A dental hygienist as an oral health professional who is trained to provide comprehensive preventive dental health services to the public.

Dental Hygienist Professional clinical practice in public or school health programs. About half of the dental hygiene programs prefer applicants who have completed at least 1 year of college. Employment/Salary Outlook Employment of dental hygienists is expected to grow 36 percent through

Who accept medical assistance coupons and those that are members of a “Mom and Me Program” Geurink worked as a public health dental hygienist in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Colorado initiating statewide community oral health programs for underserved popula-

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“Defining the Public Health Dental Hygienist Under NH Statute Established in 2002. MA-based.

Who are Public Health Dental Hygienists and what can they do for NH? Hope Saltmarsh, RDH, M.Ed. Executive Director Children’s Dental Network

607 Public Health Dental Hygienist (“PHDH”) • The EFT Enrollment/Modification form can be completed manually or electronically. Electronic submissions must also be