Professional Standards For Dental Assistants

The initial responsibility for instilling professional standards of care, values, Dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants working in dental public health clinics in Tennessee must be licensed or registered to practice dentistry, dental hygiene,

EVALUATION STANDARDS FOR DENTAL ASSISTING II Individual states have adopted different standards for dental assistants who perform certain advanced practical application of specific skills necessary to perform as a professional dental assistant.

California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL) Masters & Preliminary (CCTC) Professional Administrative Credential—California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL) Masters— National Board Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) 1. KNOWLEDGEABLE

Program Overview California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL’s) – 1. Shared vision of learning – 2. Culture for student learning/professional

2 California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 2001. PHILOSOPHY OF THE DEPARTMENT educational leaders who ethically apply critical skills of evaluation, analysis, synthesis and action to insure excellence and equity in

California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL)

California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELS) 24 Mindscapes for Bold Socially Responsible Leadership (BSRL) 26 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders including development of a shared vision of learning,

Chapter 5. Dental Assistants PROFESSIONAL AND OCCUPATIONAL STANDARDS Part XXXIII. Dental Health Profession Chapter 1. Professional Dental Corporation (P.C.) or Dental Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.), dentists may only use those

Our jurisdictional review suggests that there is no uniform or standard model of regulation among dental assistants. Health professional regulation can be viewed as a regulatory continuum qualifications for registration of Dental Assistants, prescribing the standards of ethics, conduct

Unlicensed Dental Assistants 16 f. Orthodontic Assistants 17 g. Dental Sedation Assistants 18 h. Registered Dental Assistants accepted professional standards. They provide a means for redress of grievances by investigating allegations of unprofessional conduct,

OBJECTIVE 4: Describe the characteristics of a professional dental assistant. a. Professional appearance b. Teamwork c. Attitude d. Dedication e. Responsibility f. DENTAL SCIENCE II – CORE STANDARDS, OBJECTIVES, AND INDICATORS STANDARD 1

Largest group representing professional dental assistants; its members include clinical personnel (those working chairside with the dentist), school vocational education programs as a means by which dental assistants can meet the standards for licensure or registration in those states.