Pharmacy Technician Classes

By establishing the relevant background in education coupled with certification, the pharmacy technician salary is assured of a comfortable passage for growth. So long as people continue to consume medication and drugs for legitimate reasons, it spells a sustainable income for a long while. Acquisition of basic into advanced certification certainly puts one in a more favorable light as compared to peers of lesser laurels. At the opportune moment for promotion, this scores better points with the management. Drug specialization in medical fields also enhances ones earning capacity as jostling for top position in the common barrel does not justify effort with return.

To be licensed as a pharmacy technician in California, you must qualify under A, B, or C as listed below and be a high school graduate or possess a general educational development (GED) certificate: A.

Accredited checking technician jobs are similar to pharmacy technician jobs. While the latter receives the prescription, takes out the drugs from shelves and packs them, the former checks the dispensed prescription for its accuracy. Checking, labeling and packing have all become formal procedures and the accredited checking technician will be trained in all these in a pharmacy context.

The health care industry is thriving and the main force behind it is the aging US population. It’s no big secret that as the population ages, more and more health care are needed by everybody. Of course, professionals who are properly trained to provide health care services will do very well financially.

About our Program This 120-hour certificate program is designed to train students on the fundamental and specific skills required of a pharmacy technician.

Visuals, Online classes, Guest Lecturer, etc. Laboratory, supervised: (Skill practice) Appreciate the benefits of active involvement in local, state, and national technician and other pharmacy organizations. Goal 23: Appreciate the value of obtaining technician certification. Pharmacy Technician Application & Information Packet 2013-2014 Anoka-Ramsey is in compliance with the American Disabilities Act and guarantees equal rights for people with disabilities.

Revised 01222014 Completion Checklist: The pharmacy technician program is comprised of courses that are math and English intensive. In order to

3 Pharmacy Technician Certification 1) All information given on the application form must be typed or neatly printed. 2) The completed application, and any subsequent correspondence, must be mailed to

Page 88 | 2013-2014 NOTE: The requirements of this program are subject to change without notice. Students may earn only one AA degree, regardless of emphasis.

Pharmacy Technician Training Program Center for Workforce Development Columbus State Community College Your Workforce Partner Classes will be available at the following locations: Columbus Campus Center for Workforce Development (WD) 315 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, Ohio

>Pharmacy Technician Program YOUR PRESCRIPTION FOR A REWARDING CAREER. The purpose of this non-credit course is to prepare the student to enter the pharmacy field in hospitals, home infusion pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, or

The Pharmacy Technician Profession The need for Pharmacy Technicians continues to grow with . demand expected to increase substantially through 2014.

Program Description The Pharmacy Technician Program is offered in 50 classroom/laboratory hours Classes Begin Every Fall, Spring Topics Covered in the