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Health . CAREER CLUSTER Health Sciences . CAREER PATHWAY. Support Services. PHARMACY AIDE . Record drugs delivered to the pharmacy, store incoming merchandise, and inform the supervisor of stock needs.

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Career focus: Pharmacy Technician Author: Dr. Violet Dickson, Curriculum Specialist Margaret Salisbury, Technicians pursue some type of continuing education. Many states regulate Pharmacy Technicians through a certification process. This process varies by state, but usually

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Learn how pharmacy technicians support pharmacists with the processing and management of patient prescriptions in a pharmacy technology program.

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Unit Descriptor. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to identify and document current skills and interests and to explore related retail career options in community pharmacy and other pharmacy settings.

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For those living in the Pasadena, California area, there are many career and education opportunities for pharmacists. There are currently 23,800 working pharmacists in California; this should grow 26% to 30,000 working pharmacists in the state by 2016.

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To become a pharmacist one must earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, known as a Pharm.D. Pharmacy programs are usually four years long and must be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education Related Resources About Career Choice. How to Choose a Career; More Career Profiles;

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Pharmacy as a Career Pathway For every student with admiration for healthcare as a profession, pharmacy as an option is of worth consideration.

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Education Scholar: Faculty Recruitment and Retention: AACP Scholar in Residence: Awards: Research Grants, Fellowships and Scholarship Programs: Pharmacy Career Information . While the majority of pharmacists work in community pharmacies,

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* May substitute for the required credit for Physical Education ** Satisfies the required credit for Technology Applications Career Options: Pharmacy Technician Associate's Degrees Career-Related Electives: 9th

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Revised: 6/10/2013 1 2013 – 2014 Florida Department of Education Curriculum Framework Program Title: Pharmacy Technician Program Type: Career Preparatory

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The Pharmacy Technician Career Diploma program from Ashworth College is comprised of 15 in-depth lessons that are available for online study. Ashworth builds its education programs and courses to fit within the student’s budget as well as personal and career goals.

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7232 Pharmacy Technician August, 2010 Career and Technical Education Adapted CTE Course Blueprint of Essential Standards Health Occupations Education