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When you are getting ready to apply to a nursing school, you will need to make an appointment to speak with an admissions counselor. And I cannot emphasize enough the significance of this interview in increasing your chances for acceptance. You have a lot of well qualified competition these days and you have to put your best foot forward.

We know there are different types of nurses working in hospital some perform the basic tasks and some perform the major task and have more responsibilities like Licensed Practical Nurse. They play a very important role in the healthcare profession. The licensed practical nurse usually help patients in many ways, they provide the basic help like a CNA provides by feeding, moving patient in bed, help the patients walking, surgical dressings and help them to maintain their personal hygiene. They also measures and record the patients height, weight and body temperature. Not only just this LPN will also be checking the blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration, and dosage. They also prepare and give injections and perform some simple laboratory tests.

Approved Nursing Programs in the State of Washington DOH 669-080 May 2014 1 Licensed Practical Nursing Programs Bates Technical College PN Program

According to the Canadian Nurses Association, in as little as one year there will be a severe nurses shortage. Furthermore, the Association believes that the shortage could mean that from 59,000 to 113,000 nurses will be needed. Now, obtaining a Ontario College Diploma in Practical Nursing just got more convenient thanks to Centennial College.

The nursing program welcomes your interest in our course of study. The LPN to RN Transition Course (LPN Bridge) is offered as a traditional 12-week face-to-face fall program at the

State: RN LPN NA State: RN LPN NA Name and address of Nursing School: Graduation Date: _____/_____/_____ (Month) (Day) (Year) Withdrawal Date: _____/_____/____ (Month) (Day) (Year transcript from their nursing program translated in English if applicable,


1 Nursing (Transition-LPN to RN) Associate in Science; Program Code: 1560 The Nursing (Transition–LPN to RN) program is a limited access program.

Broward College Catalog 2013-2014 NURSING (R.N.) Nursing (R.N.) Associate in Science Degree Major Code 2127 LPN-RN Transition Major Code 21271

IMPORTANT: Current LPN’s enroll as a student with ACM, then apply for admission to the online nursing program. If you feel the time is right for you to

Online Nursing Initiative Connecting LPN to RN in Southern Illinois Cary Minnis Healthcare Coordinator 3000 W. DeYoung St. Suite 800-B a full-time hybrid-online program requiring on-site clincals which delivers an excellent nursing education for qualified incumbent (employed)

Associate Degree Nursing Program The associate degree nursing (ADN) program prepares the student for a career as a Registered Nurse. Upon satisfactory

Nursing LPN-RN Advanced Placement The LPN-RN advanced placement option offers licensed practical nurses (LPNs) the opportunity to gain experiential credit for their LPN license and re – ing program, visit the Nursing program website: www.

Nursing Information Booklet – LPN-RN Online Progra m . CON TEN T . Introduction Program Overview Admission Criteria Applicants with college credit