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Keeping your employees’ nose to the grindstone requires dedicating equal attention to their physical and mental well-being. However, for most employers out there, the need to keep their businesses afloat has led them to overlook this all-too significant aspect. Although it is expected that your employees have to live up to their job descriptions and stay committed to the demands of their positions at all cost, it cannot be discounted that being mere human beings, they too have their individual breaking points. And the risk of implosion brought on by accumulated work issues, which has affected their good state of mental health in one way or another, could not only result to decreased or poor productivity, but also eventual resignations.

Counseling and therapy services have long been common ways to approach the problems often experienced within families, especially when family members face concerns caused by deaths, divorces, and similar other issues. Family counseling can also serve as a powerful way to work with young children, however, helping to fortify relationships between children and other members of the family in a safe and impartial environment.

Mental Health Training For Caregivers. SPECIALTY TRAINING LEARNING OUTCOMES AND COMPETENCIES. Learning Outcomes And Competencies. August 26, 2005. Understanding Major Mental Disorders Why are these outcomes important?

2013-2014 Foundations of Infant Mental Health Training Program Background: The Central California Children’s Institute, in partnership with the Central Valley Regional Center (CVRC)

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2 Background We organized and conducted a 4 day in-service training in mental Health for the general Health Workers in the lower Health Units in Jinja District at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital/Paradise Hotel

Deployment Mental Health Assessments ⋆ Deployment Mental Health Assessments are completed to identify and assess PTSD, depression, suicidality, and other mental health conditions, risks

DHS-Children’s Mental Health CTSS Training Handout Services HO #1 June 2008 Page 1 Mental Health Services The Children’s Mental Health Act identifies mental health services each county must include in their children’s

Integration of Services Training: Mental Health Session 3: Planning and Integrating Interventions Integration of Services Training Series * * * * * Recovery of Parents with a Mental Illness is promoted by…

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Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH) Residency & Training Program Priorities Fiscal Year 2011 June 8, 2010 Introduction The ODMH Residency and Training Program was established by Ohio Revised Code (Section

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