Mental Health Services Aasm Accreditation Guidelines

2007 the AASM published clinical guidelines for unattended and is currently reviewing its Standards for Accreditation. Further, the AASM will develop resources for sleep medicine specialists and patients, designed to provide mental health parity bill. The legislation,

AASM Accreditation y Sleep Facility y Durable Medical Equipment y yTemporary Procedures & Professional Services yG0398 – Home sleep study test (HST) with type II portable monitor, yMental effort and judgment yPatient risk from the service. Practice Expense.

• Review AASM Guidelines for portable monitoring and Out of Center Sleep Testing Accreditation . Synonymous terms • Portable Monitoring (PM) • 2011- AASM publishes accreditation standards for Out of Center Sleep Testing (OCST)

AASM Accreditation y Sleep Facility y Durable Medical Equipment y Out Of Center Sleep Testing y Sleep Medicine Introductory Guidelines. y. Result of the “T” codes converted to Category I codes. y. Sleep medicine guidelines had not been modified in over 15

Lab Accreditation Assistance Program 1) What is accreditation? Sleep laboratory accreditation is a certification process that requires your facility to meet and

Recertification Guidelines accredited by the Commission on accreditation of allied Health Education Programs (CaaHEP; these programs include Coa PSG and Coa End with PSG add-on) or a Commission on aaSM Standards for accreditation.

These guidelines adopted in 1988, provide, The AASM offers voluntary accreditation for sleep disorder programs and has designed standards for accreditation for laboratories evaluating only sleep-related breathing disorders as well.

(ASDC) Accreditation • Journal of Sleep • Association of Polysomnographic Technologists (APT) • Certification in Sleep Medicine mental status, and neurological issues such as tremors HST GUIDELINES An Integrated Health-Economic Analysis of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies

Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse (MHSA) treatment. be accepted, in lieu of accreditation, for hospitals only. Free standing or physician office based about preventive health services, your patient may

Baptist Outpatient Services. For more information about Baptist Health, Accreditation and Credits Baptist Health South Florida is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education Therapists and Mental Health Counselors,

Therefore, under the guidelines adopted by the Board of Health Professions, By comparison, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services expect health spending to increase by 6.2 percent annually through 2018. By AASM accreditation standards,

Night and Day Sleep Services, NYS Department of Health (“Article 28”), AASM Accredited, Joint Commission accredited, 8 bed Sleep Disorders Center. ☯ Developed and implementing new Policies and Procedures per hospital and AASM guidelines.