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Agenda Item: 3.2.6. Attachment #1 Board Meeting: July 2013 Summary of Survey Visit Lamar State College Port Arthur in Port Arthur, Texas Professional Nursing Education Program (LVN-RN)

6 Lamar State College – Port Arthur Upward Mobility Nursing Program LVN to RN Curriculum Outline Pre-requisite courses: CREDIT HOURS

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Lamar State College at Port Arthur, ADN Denied Petition for Waiver of Director Qualifications Navarro College, ADN — Computerized RN & LVN mailing lists or labels– Publications NEWSLETTER INFO..(512) 305-6842 WEB Address

Lamar State College-Port Arthur is an equal opportunity/affirmative action educational institution and employer. Students, faculty, a person's ability to retain or renew a license as a registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse. The

Lamar State College-Port Arthur Preceptor Post Test For documentation of preceptor understanding, (LVN) C. Registered Nurse (RN) D. Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) 9. Students work under the preceptor’s license. A. False B. True 10.

The LVN-RN Program at Lamar, Port Arthur accepted its first student cohort in 1995. The LVN-RN program at Lamar Port Arthur, Port Arthur, Texas has experienced four (4) years of NCLEX-RN® examination pass rates below 80%, as shown in the following table:

Approval from Lamar State College, Port Arthur LVN-RN Program in Port Arthur, Texas, and to remove the name of the program from the list of Board-approved professional nursing education programs following the teach-out.

NURSING: LVN TO RN Curriculum Guide for Academic Year 2012-2013 Table of Contents Departmental Admission Requirements, p. 1 Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should refer to the ASSIST web site at and

410 Front St. ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING TRANSITION (LVN -TO RN) This application is Orange, TX 77630 APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION good only for (409 Lamar State College-Orange is an equal-opportunity institution and does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color,

(LVN to RN). Surgical Technology. In addition to applying for admission to Lamar State College-Port Arthur, 1462 Clinical Licensed Vocational Nurse Training (LVN).. .. .. 4:0:24:384 A health-related

Lamar State College, Orange in Orange, Texas Vocational Nursing Education Program Summary of Request (LVN) and registered nurse (RN). • Lamar State College – Orange administration expressed its support for the VN program and