List Of Dental Assistant Skills

Skill List NAME:_____ Please complete this form in its entirety for our records. Please Basic Computer Skills I understand Dental Employment Services, Inc. may use this information in an attempt to help me secure temporary and permanent work.

Name: _____ Dental Assistant Skills Checklist (page 2) I hereby certify all statements and claims as true and that any misrepresentation of the

CLINICAL SKILLS CHECKLIST Page 1 of 6 CLINICAL SKILLS CHECKLIST Levels of Proficiency Name _____ Date _____

DENTAL ASSISTANT SKILLS CHECKLIST A B C D A B C D Assistants Age Specific Suction devices Obtaining medical records Sending and receiving invoices

EXACT Dental Practice Competencies Checklist Check off / self-evaluate your EXACT skills EXACT version 10.16, Australia Hygienist, and Dental Assistant) Competencies Checklist Orientation to EXACT Log in and log out of the software.

Veterinary Assistant Skills Checklist 1 Veterinary Assistant Skills Validation Checklist Maintains all dental equipment in clean usable condition for performing prophylaxis treatments. Veterinary Assistant Skills Checklist 3

Registered Dental Assistant Application V4 Page 1 of 2 October 1, 2010 INSTRUCTIONS Checklist of Required Documents: Course must include a written assessment and demonstration of skills.

DENTAL ASSISTANT DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS The following chart outlines the levels of dental assistants allowed in each state, what the requirements are to reach

DENTAL HYGIENIST/ ASSISTANT SKILLS EVALUATION – SELF ASSESSMENT Level of Proficiency Date A = Never Performed. You have never performed the stated Other (list): Removal of post extraction dressing Fissure sealants

Academic skills assessment (taken within the last 5 years) Acceptable Tests: Accuplacer, ACT, TABE Level A, There currently is a 1-2 Year Waitlist for the Dental Assistant Program. The following are Program Entry Requirements for the Dental Assistant Program:

Receptionist about doctor, dental assistant and hygienist 8 First phone call 8 Reception Top Ten Skills for Success in Dental Communication by Robin Wright, MA 10 . Treatment Benefit Cheat Sheet Dental Amalgam Restoration Supports and protects the tooth

dental hygienist would know how to use the dental technology for cleaning teeth From Secretary/Administrative Assistant to Account Representative Administrative Sales DO: Emphasize sales, Below is a list of five broad skill areas, which are divided into more specific job skills.