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Training Technician ML-1086-921052-NF VHA-618-LAM-13-VU920080 Minot Health Technician (GI Lab) VH-626-13-921463-AJJ Advanced Medical Support Assistant (PACT) CD-13-KMN-925217 OIA-JES-13-VO920619 Prosthetic Representative (TCF Participant)

(JEs) : 1. R.Lalrinliana J.E. Ramthar Veng 2320139 2. STATE COUNCIL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH & TRAINING (SCERT) : Sl.No. Name Designation Address Phone No. Lalsangzuali Ralte Technician 2320710 39. Lalchhandama Tochhawng Teacher ‘A’ 2340048 40. B. Romawia Teacher 2347906

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lab technician, For AEs/JEs, Part I and Part II Proper training arrangements shall be made for staff members as well as for contractors to make them aware of the process of calculation of item rates, understand contract conditions and for submission of bids.

JEs and Inspectors have been authorised to lodge FIRs which 210 102 5 Pharmacist 5199 4344 855 6 Staff Nurse 4948 4797 151 7 ANM 23578 21166 2412 8 Optometrist 935 911 24 9 Lab Technician 2038 1919 119 10 X-ray Technician 722 620 102 11 Physio Therapist Training of Doctors, Nursing

Service technician training via the internet. Wheel Covers. Worker’s Compensation. Wiring Diagram Wavelength Division Multiplex Jet Propulsion Lab (NASA) JR JRT Joint Resource Team (Engineering Manager Review Committee) JST Jack Stowage Trim JTAB Joint Technical Advisory Board