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Clinical laboratory specialist, and medical laboratory technician, Lab Personnel Licensing, 2725 Waimano Home Road, Pearl City, Hawaii 96782. Processing of approved licenses will Documentation of an accredited training program or full-time experience in the laboratory

LFS-001_Incomplete Clinical Lab App Memo.pdf LFS-001_Incomplete CLIA App Memo.pdf LFS-003_Biologics License.pdf Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) training school. Certificates are not currently issued to Phlebotomy training schools. LFS-065_Certificate.pdf LFS-066 Inspection Letter

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technician, per Hawaii Lab Personnel License, 2725 Waimano Home Rd., Pearl City, Hawaii 96782. Processing of approved licenses will take 2-3 weeks. Documents to be submitted with the application include: A notarized copy of a certificate of training from an accredited program; or

training in the lab! So what do you do if you don't have the space and/or equipment? Go out into the community That takes contacts technician approaches the condensing unit in the back of the store, he notices that the liquid line sight

Clinical Lab Supervisor Clinical Lab Technician Clinical Lab Technologist Clinical Lab Trainee Clinical Lab Training Program Clinical Laboratory – Reference Only Audiology Continuing Education 1 Time App . Title: Microsoft Word – List of License Prefixes.doc

Division: Mountain DHP Type: Certified Surgical Technician First Assistant Name of Non-employee Dependent • Completion of an approved Surgical Technician First Assistant Training Program (CSTFA) o Certified as a Certified Surgical Technician * Cardiac Catheterization Lab * Pharmacy

Cardiovascular Technologist and Technician (Cardiac Tech / CV Tech) Invasive: The Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist • Electrophysiology Lab, Cardiovascular Lab Supervision: • Completion of an appropriate cardiovascular technician training program including: