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CALGARY LABORATORY SERVICES JOB OPPORTUNITY Competition No: lab tech III, supervisor or manager. May assist in the training and orientation of students and staff. May assist with the preparation of manuals.

Job Title: Research Technical Manager, ACWA Lab at Pine Creek, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science Job ID: • Training of undergraduate and graduate students, About the University of Calgary

Patient Care Tech./Certified MA Grant Hosp. 323 E Town 614-566-9359 08/23/2004 Selena McCall Danielle McCall 321 Warrant Officer USA Training 1089 Englebrecht 29 Moundview Ave. 1090 Bivens Laquita 403 Careys Nursing Supv./Cardiac Cath. Lab Exempla Lutheran Med. Ctr. 45239 513-574-1177 Dr

2 Employee/Personnel First Aid & Postexposure Prophylaxis Instructions for Monkey B Virus and Training This document is the current guidelines for managing B virus exposure.

Quote from "The Tech," M.I.T. Student Newspaper, May 1988. Chapter 1. miserable out there, eh?” She said with a Canadian accent. "'Course this would count as a summer day back home in Calgary." She smiled at him good "Looks like it would be a great place for a dog,” Kristen

I am a general/vascular Ultrasound tech and i am available to start prior 2 weeks notice and am working on a registry for my profession areas i Orange County, Ca open for suggestions cath lab nurse. crowley 526 hemlock terrace woodbury 8096 (609) 617-4942 nj Lanita 271

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Presentation and Training Session. Kehli Kankelborg. Lab: Assignment 3 Work Session including web publishing tutorial. Assg 3.1 due. Feb 22. Montana Tech Other titles: University of Calgary NEW MEDIA design II PTC 4406 Revised Version Assistant Professor,

Appointments are subject to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval OFFICE OF CHIEF MEDICAL EXAMINER CITYWIDE JOB VACANCY NOTICE Civil Service Title: X-Ray Technician Level: I

Hematopathology Training Program . SPECIAL COAGULATION Street NW, Calgary, AB T2N2T9 . Ph:(403)944-1564 . . 2 GOALS & OBJECTIVES . GENERAL OBJECTIVES: Date/Thursday 9:00 Bench work Lab Tech or Supervisor

Calgary has become an international leader in health research,education Require little training for sending data,by courier,to the Lab’s private bio-tech clients. A Successful Deployment

ROBERT GRAHAM KNOLL (President) H-Tech. Petroleum Consulting Inc. 30 Panatella Cove N.W. Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3K 6B5 TEL: 403/239-4168/FAX: 403/239-9581