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Sherry Maresca, Kool Smiles Joyce McNamee, community volunteer Melissa Rehling, DDS Chris Riebe, Washington State University dental hygienist or dental assistant to apply sealants and fluoride varnish through a school-based sealant program.106, 107

Kool Smiles General Dentistry for Kids and Adults,, Indianapolis, IN October 2009- November 2010 Associate Dentist Worked as a dental assistant at a county dental clinic providing reduced-fee care. I worked chair-side with the dentist and

Massachusetts Dental Hygienists™ Association SPRING, Kool Smiles offers a competitive salary and full benefits. Benefits include free health insurance, 401K, life insurance, ASSISTANT SECRETARY: Joan Powell––––

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Kool Smiles Mr. John Roth American Association of Dental Boards and Council of Interstate Testing Agencies. Dr. Next, Dr. Guillory discussed salary . 6 expense and the impact of the increase from LASERS on the board’s benefit obligations.

Network to Delhi Police in April 2003 ("we feel is operating money circulation scheme"), through a letter to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Kalkaji (a South Delhi neighbourhood), in whose jurisdiction the company is based.

• Kool Smiles – national dental office is open! Demographics 1 mile 3 miles 5 miles Population: 5,576 50,480 111,733 Daytime Employees: 900 39,226 94,697 Management Assistant Cell: 404.401.1854 curtis@blueridgecapital.com Western Square Shopping Center

1968 Entered the dental field as a Dental Assistant. 1970 Silver Springs, Maryland Ronald Finder, DDS Worked as an Office Manager of two offices. Handled merchandise for nationwide for Kool Smiles. I was traveling approximately 60% of my

Free dental care for low-income children and adults with no dental insurance. Limited services. Call for times and locations Kool Smiles (360) 450-0075 7809 NE Vancouver Plaza Dr, Ste. B-210 Vancouver, WA 98662

Massachusetts Dental Hygienists™ Association SPRING, ISSUE 2 JUNE 2006 Kool Smiles, General Dentistry for Kids, currently has 2 facilities in the Boston area. ASSISTANT SECRETARY: Joan Powell––––

House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton and Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy Mark Mazur wrote “,The notice [allowing the delay] is an exer cise of the Treasury Department’s • NCDR (Kool Smiles) • Heartland Dental Care • Aspen Dental Management