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Wireless Camera Images Can Be Picked Up By Anyone A recent study shows that a simple $100 device can tap into your surveillance camera’s signal and let criminals see exactly what’s going on in your home, office, bar, or restaurant.The VR3 is a wireless camera designed as a backup camera to help you see behind your car. What many people are discovering is that this camera, and many others like it, can tap into all sorts of unsecured wireless video signals anything from business surveillance cameras in bars or restaurants to residential nanny cameras. Todd Morris, CEO of Brick House Security describes this phenomenon as a case of accidental compatibility, where two completely unassociated security devices from two different companies can pickup the others feed unintentionally. And it happens more than you think. Someone Could Be Watching You From INSIDE Your Home Or Business When You Use Wireless Cameras

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Information and Communication Technology for Education Strategic Plan Strengthening Schools and the Community’s Role efforts and help to ensure that the Philippines will realize its ICT4E goals.

Quezon City, Philippines e-mail: 1.Introduction The Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) science high schools, and some private schools, teachers nationwide over a five-year period and encourages greater use of Information Technology (IT) in education.

The respondents to verify contradictory or inconsistent information. Some schools said that they had, [30] Philippines National Information Technology Council, IT21 Philippines Asia’s Knowledge Center: ICTs Action Agenda for the 21st Century.

schools in the Philippines. It is the Philippines version of a global programme called BRIDGEit, an initiative The Philippines’ “Information and Communication Technology Plan for the 21st Century” (1998) sets forth the following objectives:

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR INDIVIDUALS IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD and schools, experts began to “Designing an Architecture for Delivering Mobile Information Services to the Rural Developing World,” (paper presented at World Wide Web,

Mobile information communication and technology use in secondary schools: “There has been a concerted attempt to introduce computer technology to schools in the developing world, with mixed results. (Barker et al., 2005), see mobile learning as a vehicle to cross the digital

technology credentials. Now CIO for Mobile County Public including providing information support for Mobile County’s No Child Left Behind compliance. CIO for Mobile County schools, can bask in the glow of success.

schools. Mobile Technologies in Open Schoolsis intended as an introductory guide to orient functionaries of . According to Naismith et al. (2004) use of mobile technology in education can be categorised into six main themes: (1)

technology in schools is still marginal, (Mominó et al., 2008). Data on the use of technology in the classroom show that the solutions mobile technology (and mobile phones and tablets in particular) can benefit education. The benefits