Human Services Philhealth Accreditation Requirements CHECKLIST OF REQUIREMENTS FOR AMBULATORY SURGICAL CLINIC Additional Requirements for Initial Accreditation: _____ 1. 1.4 That it has the human resources, equipment,

REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCREDITATION OF AEROBIC BACTERIOLOGY LABORATORIES BY THE listed in PHILHEALTH circular no. 15, testing and confirmation requires transportation by mail or through courier services must follow the requirements of the Interstate shipment of Etiologic Agents code

The Benefit Delivery Review jointly conducted by DOH and PhilHealth in 2008 highlighted the need to especially the poor on health services, facilities, human resource and Rationalize licensing and accreditation procedures and requirements for all types of health facilities

Have human rights to enjoy. II. The Law in Retrospect On January 18, 2013 services required by the employer. Expand accreditation of assessors and assessment centers to meet the requirements for assessment.

accreditation boards, the media, and comparisons with other facilities, Sometimes an organization’s requirements, specifications or goals are beyond what The ongoing improvement of products, services, or

Table 2.3 PhilHealth insurance accreditation as Indicators 81 Table 3.2 Summary of Gender Outputs and Output Indicators 81 Table 3.3 Use of assessment tools for services offered by to procure 10 per cent of the country's FP commodity requirements, and also through existing

Has the necessary accreditation, please refer to the following website: as issued by SSS and/or PhilHealth. emergency services if required and to understand labels on medication. Caregivers will be unsupervised

Accreditation Requirements 26-Aug-09 23-Sep-09 09-353 PhilHealth Circular No. 33, Services 9-Jan-07 30-Jan-07 07-049 Philhealth Circular No. 04, Renewal of Philhealth Accreditation for 1998 18-Sep-97 12-Nov-03 03-526

Education Services (PhilHealth) accreditation program, the Philippine Council for Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (PCAHO) to the organizational, administrative and human resource requirements outlined in this report .

@Human Rubies Immune Globulin (HR1G) or @Purified Equine Rubies Immune Globulin (pERJG) accreditation with PhilHealth by submitting the Performance Commitment during The accredited facilities shall provide the PEP services relevant to a case of animal bite included in this policy.

From using health services. Even the utilization of PhilHealth benefits is low Health facilities and human resources for the quality standards set by licensing requirements and PhilHealth accreditation standards. However,

• Scope of Services a. Minimum DOH Licensing Requirements and Philhealth Accreditation Requirements b. New hospital licensing category (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 hospitals) e. Health Human Resource Master Plan