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Policymakers in the United States claim that marijuana use is hazardous, often leading to the use of more potent drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. As of 2000, eight states had passed laws allowing seriously ill patients to take marijuana as a prescription pain-control substance. However, people who grow, buy, or use the drug for such purposes can be arrested and prosecuted under federal law.

The more the federal government passes laws to insure my security, the more insecure I feel. Let’s take the government’s proposed use of RFID technology as an example of my concern.

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In Human Services Management offers an Associate of Arts degree with a range of concentrations in business, criminal justice, education, health and human services, information technology, and more.

187 Chemical Dependency Counselor As of September 1, 2004, an associate degree from a Behavioral Science program is required to become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) in the

Required to meet with a Human Services faculty adviser during their first semester to map Students who have completed their CDA-Child Development learning assessment credits toward their degree. Note: Students enrolled in the Human Services program must earn a grade of “C” or

Into either the Human Services AA degree program or the Social Services AA Transfer degree program. All interested students must take HUMS 100, Introduction to Human Services, as the first course in the curriculum. Prior to enrollment into all other Human

Bachelor of Arts – Human Services Curriculum 2 American Baptist College Revised and Approved by Vice President of Academic Affairs – December 2011

DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Position: Residential Case Aide Starting Salary: Bachelor’s level or Associate of Arts degree in related field with two (2) WA State License in behavioral health as defined in the WA State Credentialing Requirements;

Skagit County Human Services Developmental Disabilities Comprehensive Five Year Plan Services are provided to the degree that funding is available through state corner of Washington State about halfway between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC. Our

Community and Human Services Jackie MacLean, 401 Fifth Avenue, Suite 500 Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 263-9100 Fax (206) 296-5260 TTY Relay 711 Veterans and Human Services Levy Page 1 of 8 2.6.C Employment and Training degree and 26 percent earning a college degree or professional

Apply to the ABSN Degree Program SUMMER QUARTER 2014 APPLICATION DEADLINE 5:00pm PST, October 15, Academic Services University of Washington School of Nursing Box 357260 Natural World prerequisite courses completed outside of Washington State

Human Services Department September 17, 2010 TO: Councilmembers Nick Licata, degree of congruence between the County and the City concerning key priorities objectives to be pursued at the state and national levels.