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HUMAN SERVICES Associate in Applied Sciences Degree | Career Program Social Sciences Department Curriculum Coordinator: Professor Donna Mangiante

Sociologist Herbert Mead developed a theory known as social behaviorism, which helped explained why past social experiences help form an individuals personality. Mead did not believe that personality was developed by drives or biologically, but more on terms socially. He stated that the self only developed when people interact with one another. Without the interaction of other people an individual cant develop a personality. An example of this is if a child is left in total isolation for a long period of time then they dont mature both physically or mentally.

The DSW school program is the Clinical Doctorate in Social Work program. The degree is designed to prepare students for advanced clinical practice as well as university-level teaching and research. The Clinical Doctorate in Social Work is geared toward the clinical practice and university-level teaching career path. One also can focus on social welfare as well as scholastic studies and research.

Biography Sister Betty X Shabazz

OF LEARNING of the College’s educational model of: Individualized Instruction, Every course offered at Boricua College has a letter code, followed by five digits. ¾ The letter of community organization are explored as well as techniques of communication,

Nursing courses are offered at the Dobbs Ferry, Bronx, Rockland Community College, select off-campus locations, and Online Campuses. General education courses can be taken at any of the branch campuses in the Bronx, Manhattan, or Yorktown Heights.

It is not transferrable at Bronx Community College, individual faculty members may view community college courses as inferior or lacking rigor student said that his department was very particular about the transfer credits it accepted and really only trusted the courses offered at one of

Credit orientation courses offered at the Bronx Community College. The hope is to shed some light on the elements of this program on this in credit-bearing college level courses. At the Bronx Community College, data produced as of October 2011 indicated that 29% of all entering

courses in bold face type are offered at pemberton campus all summer i courses are five (5) courses in your community weekend college courses first session beginning friday, may 31 and ending

Human Services Borough of Manhattan Community College The City University of New York Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) delivers Department of Homeless Services in the Bronx,

1 BRONX COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ARTICULATION AGREEMENT FORM A. Sending and Receiving Institutions Sending College: Bronx Community College of the City University of New York

BMCC Bronx Community College Hostos Community College Kingsborough Community College LaGuardia Human Services AAS/BS AS AAS AS AA Massage Therapy AAS Medical (Laboratory) Technology BS BS BS AAS Medical Office Assistant/Manager AAS AAS AAS Mental

LaGuardia Community College graduates with the Associate Degree in Human Services will receive 60 credits toward the Bachelor of Science in Social Work at SUNY Stony Brook University. Bronx Community College of the City University of New York

Human Services and Nursing will provide the vision and leadership for creating an interdisciplinary environment by and the health community in the Bronx and broader region. In this and promoting college and community relations; ability to collaborate effectively with