Human Services Accreditation Wasc

Western’Association’of’Schools’and’Colleges’(WASC) StandardII:StudentLearningProgramsand*Services* c.–*Arecognition’of’what’it’means’to’be’an’ethical’human’being’and

110883 Health$Services Bachelor TBA20162017 FirstReview$Cycle$Due Human$Rights$Education Masters TBA Program$Review 131403 Management Bachelor TBA20152016 AACSB$Accreditation

Accreditation Manual: Postsecondary Title IV Institutions Preface The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is one of six regional accrediting

See WASC Accreditation Website ( detailed information regarding this process. Human Services, each full-time faculty member in the college has his or her own computer station.

WASC%Degree%IDProgramName Degree Last%Review% Academic%Year Next%Review% Review%Process 109263 Accounting Bachelor 20112012 TBA20152016 AACSB$Accreditation/Program$Review$ Spring2017 109206 Advertising Bachelor TBA20162017 FirstReview 110883 Health$Services Bachelor TBA20162017 FirstReview

It seems the human services are always chal-lenged. (WASC) have recently incorporated an approach to outcomes assess-ment that explicitly relies upon professional accreditation. of accreditation provided there was a timely submis-

3 WASC Accreditation 3 Regional Accreditation Agencies 3-5 Summaries of Programs Listed 5 relevant paid or unpaid experience in human services or related settings. [Commentary: I suggest

And the process for reaffirmation of accreditation and with other UC Davis WASC-related information before diving into this portfolio. human resource services, techonology support for instruction, research compliance, financial aid processing, and

Human Resource Services PRP Linkage to 2010-11 Budget Development areas identified within WASC Accreditation Standard III, Accreditation Site-Team recommendations, and the District’s Strategic Plan of 2013; (2) areas involving HRS

WASC-ACCJC Accreditation Map for CCSSE WASC-ACCJC Standard # WASC-ACCJC Standard CCSSE Item #’s A recognition of what it means to be an ethical human being and effective comprehensive, and reliable services to students regardless of service location or delivery method. 4m, 8h, 9b

HUMAN SERVICES PROGRAM COORDINATOR – 50520 CHILDREN’S SERVICES OPTION – 442 (WASC-ACSCU) 2. Coursework or degrees from schools that have not been accredited by a regional accreditation association will be

Continue the search for a Dean of Health and Human Services, WASC accreditation – establishing a committee to begin developing the process of writing a five year report, AIRC is looking for tech support for classrooms (currently fragmented and duplicative).