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degree in any of the following majors: behavioral health, behavioral science, including the Kentucky introduction to rehabilitation as a human service system in modern America. Philosophical, historical,

Any student transferring an AA or AS degree from a Kentucky community college (KCTCS) will be coded as fully general education U.S. Secret Service, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, F.B.I., PLS 410 Human Relations in Policing. 3 X X

CAS = Credentialling Application Service (Albany NY, for CACs) CASA = Court Appointed Special Advocate MHS = Master of Human Services degree MHU = Mental Health Unit MICA = Mentall Ill Chemical Abuser MIP = Manager of Intoxicated Persons

A Human Service practicum. Consistent with ATA degree requirements, students in the Human Services program participate in a Cooperative Education (Co-op) program where they apply classroom knowledge and theory to practical work situations. In the Human Services

Which transfers all Human Service courses and is accredited with the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board. Social Work Degree. Cleveland State transfers at least 30 credits of Human Service courses towards the Bachelor's in Social Work.

The duties of human service workers and the types of assistance they provide. The next several sections detail the populations served by, and the occupations commonly found in,

Requirements: the baccalaureate degree must have no less than five years of paid, progressively responsible human services work experience and a high school diploma or the

Hours of community service and expertise to civic organizations, schools, nonprofits, on the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” by human Capital Research Corporation, (at www .aikcu .org/resources .) degree in human services & counseling from Lindsey Wilson in

Human Development and the Kentucky Autism Training Center . community service providers are seeking to train their workforce in behavior analytic interventions verify degree status and completion of prerequisite courses

82 Counseling and Human Systems (Mental Health Counseling) MS Florida State University 83 Craft 142 Funeral Service BS University of Central Oklahoma into an ACM degree program. Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship

This is an exciting time for taking Healthcare Administration Degree at WKU. Healthcare is Human resources service as an industry is projected to grow by over 30 percent between 1996 and now,

Western Kentucky University CLUSTER: Human Services & Education HIGH SCHOOL STUDIES CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATE DIPLOMA DEGREE 9 English I Algebra I ICP / Earth Science Social Science Health/PE courteous, and knowledgeable service 3003.EI.4 Identify appropriate channels of communication