Human Secure Identity Services Accreditation Corporation

Ingredient used or intended for use or for sale in whole or in part for human consumption, or chewing gum. (10) identity of the candidate taking a certified food manager examination by requiring an Secure–Access limited to the licensee or examination administrator.

Web Services Secure Conversation in particular when a SSO protocol exchanges personal information about human users. For example, a high assurance (very secure) identity proofing process but a low assurance, credential container (infrastructure mechanism)

* * * SISAC Secure Identity Services Accreditation Corporation (announced in March 2003) Develops baseline standards for auditing and accreditation of PKI certificate/credential issuers SISAC does not provide credentials Secure Identity Services Accreditation Corp

Accredited by the Secure Identity Services Accreditation Corporation (SISAC) to meet the rigorous standards for digital certificates in the mortgage finance industry © 2007 National Notary Association . Requirements Notary must apply and be approved

ARTICLE 1: PURPOSE AND IDENTITY as a means of enhancing the quality of law enforcement services, correctional activities, FLORIDA POLICE ACCREDITATION COALITION, INC. A CORPORATION NOT FOR PROFIT FLA-PAC BY-LAWS (02/02/2011) 10

Secure Identity Services Accreditation Corporation (SISAC) Secure Identity Services Accreditation Corporation Minimum standards/requirements for logical identity management Technical, Business and Legal requirements High assurance digital certificates (PKI)

By a certificate authority accredited by the Secure Identity Services Accreditation Corporation (SISAC) and that the certificate has not expired or been revoked. • Each SMART Doc eNote in the eMortgage Package must be tampersealed.

accreditation agencies, and verify the physician’s identity and to catch adverse information that may not have been reported in the – Department of Health and Human Services •ESAR-VHP – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Health and Human Services Office of Medicaid Management Information System Services Accreditation, Endorsement and Certification Secure Web Access to the Medicaid Patient Record

Medaphis Corporation. CEO, Health Data Sciences Corporation. Gary L DHHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. ECF AWG Enterprise Communications 25. EHR Attestation, Electronic Signature. Services to bind the identity of an accountable party to specific content of the health

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Including Human Advancement and Foundation, Residence Life, and the Banner SIS Security Committee. Each relevant area is responsible to secure customer Transferring information to an external third party such as New York State Higher Education Services Corporation, the