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You’ve heard of a Microsoft Certified Professional. Perhaps at one time you’ve even dreamed of being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). You took one exam after another at a Microsoft testing center to reach this honored and prestigious pinnacle, then battled your way to prove to your employers (or future employers) that you had what it takes to administrate their Microsoft-oriented network.

Microsoft certification starts from the Digitally Aware Individual, who is updating and enhancing with the dynamic and rapid changing world. The computer has become a commodity. People like you rely heavily on their desktop computers and laptop computers. Computers run majority of the world’s infrastructures. Even the construction of buildings, railway stations, and ships rely on the computers. Without the computers, it would be impossible to fly planes, run trains, and navigate ships. Ever since the discovery of the first computer, it has continued to evolve in many ways. Despite the computer’s brilliance, it will still need a human being to make it work. These human beings are IT professionals. These people have spent years studying the computers, and the computer programs that make it work. Information technology has indeed opened many doors for people who are seeking employment. However, landing a job is not that easy. As an IT professional her or she must prove that he or she is qualified to run and manage any Microsoft programs.

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