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EVIT News: HOSA Students Gear Up For State Competition
EVIT students will compete in the following categories: nursing assistant, home health aide, medical reading, biomedical debate, CPR/first aid, forensic, medical terminology, dental spelling and terminology, medical photography, career health display, and HOSA Bowl.

HOSA Lesson Plans – Medical Technology Display
Career Health Display Science Boards presentations are due to allow time for students to work on this project at home. 2) 2002 Medical Technology Display 3 HOSA in the Classroom

Knox HOSA Students Win At Regionals | Knox County Public Schools
Knox County’s HOSA (health occupations student association) Students worked hard and brought home two1st place medals. Amber Howard and Austin Hensley won 1st place in Career Health Display using the topic of marine biology.

Anatomy And Physiology Subcluster – TN.gov
Using National HOSA Career Health Display guidelines, This could include such careers or career areas as dental, dietetics, medical assistance, home health, nursing, pharmacy, respiratory, social work, nutritionist, physician, psychiatrist, psychologist,

Georgia HOSA
Georgia hosa, home, health occupations students of america What does it mean to a be a member of the Georgia HOSA State Executive 06. Mar. State Leadership Conference. Seven months to pick the perfect competition, prepare the View All

Competitive Event Videos • Georgia HOSA
Georgia hosa, home, health occupations students of america Competitors in this event create a visual display of a health career issue/topic using poster board and pencils, crayons, a ruler, ink pens, colored markers/pencils, erasers, charcoal,

To: Potential Judges Subject: Texas HOSA Area 6 Leadership …
Home Health Aide Nursing professions Career Health Display Healthcare professionals judge a display and oral presentation related to a health career from a pair of with the purpose of HOSA. Health Career Poster Judges with art, graphic arts,

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Home; HOSA Motto and Creed; HOSA Officers; HOSA Competitive Events; Calendar; Granbury High School; Clubs; HOSA; Health Career Display: Health Education: HOSA Bowl: Parliamentary Procedure: Public Service Announcement: Recognition Events. Barbara James Service Award.

HOSA – TeacherWeb
Why HOSA? The Health Science instructors Nursing Clinical Specialty Dental Assisting Home Health Aid Medicine HOSA Bowl Parliamentary Procedure Career Health Display Biomedical Debate Medical Reading Health Education PSA Goals of HOSA To make realistic career choices

Shakin’ Up The State Leadership Conference : The Rebelution
Seniors Thao Nguyen and Shinhae Park proudly exhibit their poster for the Career Health Display competitive part of HOSA: Health Occupations Students of America. HOSA is not just a simple club—HOSA is a part of a national organization that promotes career opportunities in the health

2014 State Leadership Conference Agenda – Florida HOSA
Health Career Display Monterrey 1 Home Health Aide + Test Monterrey 3 Health Education Fiesta 3 & 4 HOSA Bowl Monterrey 1, 2, & 3 Parliamentary Procedure Sierra 1 & 2 Public Service Announcement Fiesta 10, Coronado A & B

On-Line Tests
(Secondary and Postsecondary yes Home Health Aide (Secondary and Postsecondary yes Health Career Display HD no Community (Secondary and Postsecondary yes Forensic Medicine FM yes no 50 1 hour top 20 teams(Secondary and Postsecondary yes Health Education HE no HOSA Bowl

Arizona HOSA
Home Health Aide (O) Medical Health Education; HOSA Bowl (O) Parliamentary Procedure (O) Public Service Announcement (DR) Career Health Display. Look for guidelines in the next week to submit your competition.

Montana HOSA Ompetitive Events Program FUTURE HEALTH
Home Health Aide. Physical Therapy, and others. Emergency Preparedness Events: areer Health Display, and others. Recognition Events: Outstanding HOSA hapter. are the recent demographics of HOSA members and their career interests: For More Information .

HOSA And The National Health Care Skill Standards COMPETENCY …
Home Health Aide 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Career Health Display 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Community Forensic Medicine 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 HOSA Bowl 9 9 9 9 9 9 Health Education 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Medical Reading 9 9 9 9 9 Parliamentary Procedure 9 9

Home Health Aide Room 209 . HOSA Bowl Horner Hall . Medical Reading Room 204 . Medical Spelling Room 202 . Medical Career Health Display (Contest Begins) Horner Hall . 1:45 pm CONTEST EVENTS CONTINUE . CPR/First Aid Room 207 .