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If you are in school, just graduated, or have been out of school for less than three years, your education information should be at the top. After three years, it needs to go on the bottom. And the longer you are out of school, the shorter your education section should become. If for some reason in the three plus years you have been out of school, you have not accumulated a lot of impressive work experience to outshine your educational background, you may consider keeping your education section at the top for a couple more years; but it would be more prudent, of course, to consider garnering more work experience to strengthen the overall effect of your resume. After you’ve been out of school for ten years, no one is going to care about what you did in college.

Most newbies wish to find out how financial certifications help them with their professional aspirations and which exam makes most sense to go for.

For an aspiring university entrant who is also as passionate about environmental issues, obtaining a scholarship that is aligned with an organization that shares your personal advocacy can be quite a challenge. The more popular scholarship grants nowadays usually come from huge multinational corporations whose ecological advocacies are not wholly exercised.

VNSNY Home Health Care Nursing Internship Program Newly Licensed Professionals ⋅ Take advantage of long-term career opportunities As a VNSNY Home Health Care Nursing Intern, you will receive comprehensive initial orientation and weekly

The Riverside Health System is one of Virginia’s most comprehensive healthcare providers and one of the area’s most exciting resources for career opportunities.

Nursing Homes Hospice Schools Cruise Ships Military Helicopters Industries Wellness Centers Public Health Offices Home Health Care Agencies What kinds of career opportunities are available? There are a multitude of specialties to choose from including:

One popular approach for increasing the diversity of the health care workforce – and improving minorities’ employment opportunities – is to target high school students

Nursing Home Administrator Medical Office Assistant Medical Assistant Medical Secretary Medicine Military Health Career Opportunities Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy Nursing Certified Nurse Midwife Clinical Nurse Specialist

Purpose Certified pharmacy technicians are valuable assets to the licensed pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians work in hospital, retail, home health care, nursing home, clinic, nuclear medi-

Provides students interested in a health career an introduction to a wide variety of specialty areas in the health sciences professions. , Physician Assistant Studies, and Social Work. USD is also home to the state’s only MD and MD/PhD programs and graduate study in Basic Biomedical Sciences.

Career categories n = Teaching within health care or preparation through home care or at health care for graduate/professional school l = Manufacturing/designing medical

Health Career Connection Internship Case Study Please contact jjain@healthcareers.org if you have any questions. About You 1. Name Nicole Evangelista

Career Studies Advanced Manufacturing Concepts Advanced Nurse Aide Advanced Product Design & Development Currently, hospital, home health care, and retail pharmacies hire the majority of technicians. Admission Requirements: In addition to the general admission requirements