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APPLY ONLINE! A CArEEr thAt CAN ChANgE LIvEs ANd YOurs ! ImagIne a job that: 1. rewards you for caring about others. 2. is exciting and challenging.

Career Opportunities The rapidly growing need for skilled health personnel provides good employment opportunities for Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides. Positions are found in general and convalescent hospitals, physicans' offices, private

Sample Career Ladder/Lattice for Long-term Health Care . This is a SAMPLE. It is intended only as an illustration of a possible career ladder/lattice in the long-term health

Health careers programs – cna / hha application 9/25/2007 revised mtk/cg cna-hha applic 07.doc 2 vocational nursing and health career programs applicants for student vocational nurse reference form . rev: 3/20/2007 mtk cna hha packet 2007.doc . 17.

TRAINING PROGRAM: Certified Nurse Assistant / Home Health Aid AN OPPORTUNITY TO HELP OTHERS & BEGIN A NURSING OR HEALTHCARE CAREER West Los Angeles College is partnering with LA Southwest College and the

Most home health aides and personal care aides The Committee briefly discussed the need to establish career ladders between the health professions. but it is wise to remain cautious as 2006 had a large number of bed nights.

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GOVERNOR WISE SIGNS BILL INTO LAW Legislation creating the West Virginia Supervisor for HHA, was selected to run manager and a career coach who serve as guides for the 14-month duration of the program. Students are enrolled in GED classes, life skills classes, career choices classes, and

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