Health Services Third Degree X Factor

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Adolescent Behavior; Adolescent Health Services; Evaluation Methodology; Evaluation Studies; Factor Analysis; ring to the beliefs about the degree of ease or difficulty of performing the behavior.First, The third factor measures participants’ perceptions about

X3 – 4×2 – x + 4. a) third degree, up on right down on left. Passes through -2, 3 and -4. b) fourth degree, up on right and left. Passes through -1, 1, bounce at -3. Find all the complex zeros of the polynomial function: f(x) = x4 + 25×2 + 144. Factor (x2 + 9) (x2 + 16)

Warm-Up Factor the following expressions by pulling out things that each term has in common: 4×3 + 8×2 + 12xz 9x2y3 + 3xy2 + 27xy4 X-box Factoring Standard Students apply basic factoring techniques to second- and simple third-degree polynomials.

Vocabulary: degree, linear factor, multiplicity, polynomial, zero (of a polynomial) Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) Third-degree, with x-intercepts –2, 3, and 5 B. Third-degree, with one zero of multiplicity 3

The graph has two turning points, the maximum number for a third-degree polynomial function. Even Degree Recall that a zero c of a polynomial function has as multiplicity the exponent of the factor x – c. Determining the multiplicity of a zero aids in sketching the graph near that zero.

The third-degree polynomial function f (x) = x3 + 4x 2 = x(x + 4) = x(x – 2i Because the factor (x2 + 3) produces no real zeros, you can conclude that x = –1 and x = 2 are the only real zeros of f, which is verified in Figure 2.32. cont’d

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health services as a function of three types of variables at the individual level: on a 12-item scale measuring the degree to which common hassles (e.g., (0.88,1.03) Factor 3: negative health behavior 1.00 (0.91,1.09) 0.99 (0.90,1.09) 0.98 (0.90,1.08) 0.98 (0.89,1.06) 0.99