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Pet health tips, industry suppliers, contacts with whom you should these standards not be met by a member kennel. As a member of ABKA, I recognize that, in about Your Pets, for Pet Owners, about Pet Services. ABKA. The Trade Association for Pet Care Professionals Since 1977 Toll Free

According to the American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA, • Does the kennel offer added services like grooming, training, and bathing? Customers accreditation and requires its members to meet certain standards.

Certification program for pet care facility operators, accreditation program for facilities, and indus- If your facility operator has been awarded the CKO (Certified Kennel Operator) des-ignation by ABKA, it means that his or her competence and ethical fitness have been acknowledged

accreditation and requires its members to meet certain Kennel owners spend 2% to 4% of their annual gross revenue on advertising, primarily through the Yellow American Boarding Kennels Association, Pet Services Journal,

The American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA) has published this booklet to assist you in evaluating, selecting, and working with your local boarding kennel. p r ogram for kennel operators, accreditation program for kennels,

American Boarding Kennel Association. Website: Programmatic Accreditation is a process whereby a program completes a self study measuring itself against standards established by HVAC Excellence.

Individuals within the boarding kennel industry,ABKA now unites almost 3,000 individuals and businesses providing a The Voluntary Facilities Accreditation Program requires applicant facilities to meet or exceed over 200

Such as providing services to unique industries, spreading new technologies, We will be seeking accreditation from the American Boarding Kennel Association (ABKA).

American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation, American Boarding Kennel Association, American of Zoo and Aquarium Docents, Career Services at University of Louisville, Career Services at Oklahoma State University .

010504 NJ State Department of Health and Senior Services Office of Animal Welfare ( animalwelfare/index.shtml) American Boarding Kennel Association ( National Dog Programmatic Accreditation is a process whereby a program completes a self study