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Receiving Department (B1037) Welcome Kiosk Design (M3010) Health Sciences (D3018) Human Services (D3018) Information Third StreetTechnology (G3001) Language and Liberal Studies (A2003) Transportation Technology (Z1009) Fanshawe College Boulevard (Formerly Second Street)

Receiving Department (B1037) Welcome Kiosk Human Services (D3018) Information Technology (G3001) Language and Liberal Studies (A2003) FANSHAWE COLLEGE 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd., London Emergencies Dial 4242 NORTH Main Entrance Cheapside

fanshawe college policy manual 1-b-08 support staff position descriptions page 1 of 2 1. administrative policies and procedures section b – human resources

Welcome to Fanshawe College! Fanshawe College is the 6th largest college in Canada with 15,000 students and 1,800 international students. Fanshawe has more than 110 certificate,

FANSHAWE COLLEGE POLICY MANUAL 1-B-50 STAFFING Page 1 of 11 1. ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES SECTION B employment relationship of any kind with the College consult with Human Resources prior to engaging that individual in any employment

Fanshawe College BALLANTYNE LINDA Director, Human Resources $108,060.11 Fanshawe College BEATTY BOB Chief Information Officer $111,881.24 Fanshawe Seneca College PITT NIRMALA VP, Human Resources $130,791.62 Seneca College SAVOIE SUSAN Assoc. Dean, Faculty,

Designations, and More importantly what Human Resources departments need to know about Professional Designations Tuesday, November 12, Alumni Lounge, Supply Management Association of Fanshawe College Under the auspices of the Presents 2013 Fanshawe College

(Fanshawe College) Award of Excellence USC Teaching Honour Roll (2004, 2005, Sociology Department, University of Western Ontario, London Ontario Introductory Sociology for Human Services Foundation (SOCI 1012)

Fanshawe College Career and Employment Services 6 training research materials and modified human resources services designed to meet individual needs. International studies department provides services that focus on international credential

Health Sciences and Human Services, Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Canada; 3Professor, Fanshawe College, Western-Fanshawe Collaborative BScN Medical College; Department of Radiologic Sciences, Jefferson School of Health Professions; 7Department of

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Fanshawe College, Room # R 1020 1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard London, ON Receiving Department (B1037) Study Lounge (F1012) Testing Centre (F2010) Human Services (D3018) Information Technology (G3001)