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20 Years from Now—Career Exploration Activity . Objective: To make mentees aware of how much life costs and why it is so important to go to college and

EMT Salary And Career Interview | Technician Salary
If you are considering a career as an emergency medical technician, Although this interview was done in Texas, the basis for education for this career is similar nation wide. Salaries will vary from state to state and with experience etc.

EMT Paramedic Salary | EMT Salary
This website offers details on the EMT paramedic salary along with information on the school and degree programs.

EMT Salary – How Much You Can Earn In EMT Jobs
Find out what EMT salary you can expect in an EMT job. The salary of EMT's vary depending on their level of training and skills they perform while in an emergency.

Gross Income Of An EMT | Technician Salary
The average salary for an emergency medical technician varies from state to state and city to city. The cost of living and employment demand in an area affect the yearly income for this career too. This entry was posted in Technician Salaries.

Teacher’s Guide – ICivics
Average annual salaries for multiple professions through a Emergency Medical Technician ($40,157) Engineer ($82,582) Career: _____ Salary: _____ Step Three. Find out how much you‟re paying in TAXES! Keep in mind

What Is The Average Annual Salary For Paramedics?
Salary Overview. The Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) found that in 2013 the national average salary for an EMT was $31,663, with salaries overall ranging from $16,224-$63,442.

Was very educational and prepared me for my career. Emergency Medical Technician Basic (6) Kewaskum Fire Department Kewaskum, WI graduates reported lower salaries . b . Yearly salary range — the actual lowest and highest salaries recorded .

EMT & Paramedic Salary | Higher Salary
Salaries depend on what sector the EMT or paramedic are employed in An EMT in the public sector can expect at most an hourly wage of $17.68 and a yearly income of 436,780, a high school diploma is the basic requirement to enter the EMT or Paramedic career field.

Emergency Medical Technician Salary | Salary.com
View salary range, bonus & benefits information for Emergency Medical Technician jobs in the United States or search by specific US and Canadian cities and towns. View open positions, job Descriptions and other statistics related to Emergency Medical Technician jobs.

Paramedic Salary | Averages, Ranges, And Starting
The average yearly salary for Paramedic is $36,550. Some Paramedic salaries are considered base salaries, you include why you stand out from others and display that you have done your homework regarding payrates in your career field.

A career that is related to their WITC training. Success after Graduation WITC Graduates Earn Great Starting Salaries! WITC Graduates Start Their Careers Right After Graduation! Average Yearly Salary $33,800 2012 GRADUATE SURVEY EMT – Paramedic – $40,102 Criminal Justice – Law

A career that is related to their WITC training. % Programs with 100% WITC Graduates Earn Great Starting Salaries! Nursing – Associate Degree – $54,698 Farm Business and Production Management Average Yearly Salary (Related Employment Only)