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Considering a career as an EMT or Paramedic? US News University Directory career section offers a video overview of the job duties, education, earnings potential and career outlook for EMS jobs.

Emergency Medical Technician. Paramedic employed in a field related to their studies believed that their studies at SPC prepared them for their chosen career. 2005 median yearly income for Emergency Medical Services was $26,100 in the United States,

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Various levels of EMT training Computers for Absolute Beginners campus has become a yearly tradition have an annual family income below 250% of Federal Career Pathways is available to current and new students at

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Family's well being; and, your ability to immediately change the income gap between men and women in America (which still hovers at 76 cents on the dollar in yearly basis? 3. three months off and volunteer in Haiti and make use of my EMT training. I’d be

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This will average out to $1,958 a month for your income. In the state of Utah, a construction manager usually would make $73,560 yearly, Most fire fighters must complete an EMT course of study before they can work. Also,

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An overview of the yearly salary a paramedic can make. Paramedic the job of a paramedic can lead to career growth in the medical field In Fort Wayne, EMTs earn $29,133 annually. Paramedics earn $36,931. And flight paramedics make $39,514 in yearly income. In Evansville

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In Miami, EMTs earn $29,707 annually. Paramedics earn $37,659. And flight paramedics make $40,293 in yearly income. In Tampa, an EMT makes $28,591 in salary. Paramedic salary equals about $ it’s a fulfilling career that’s best suited for individuals that thrive in a fast-paced

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To start your career as an emergency medical technician (EMT), you need be a high school graduate and have taken subject courses like physiology and anatomy.