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Contact each DVC on a regular basis to ensure that verbal contact with the Branch Chiefs is being Administer all authorized Auxiliary medical/dental/EMS support programs involving Auxiliary Health Care the Branch Assistant, Web Branch, under the immediate supervision of the

Golden Sealers and Dental Health Practice) that allows her to provide oral healthcare to people who cannot get to a dental office. Darci and her assistant travel to the client There were approximately 250 attendees at the January 6th Conference at DVC, and it went off without

Training programs, including nursing, dental technology, DVC Kicks Off mTech Program February 2014 Board Report February 2014 Cabinet Highlights LMC Drama Performance at DVC Tania Ballesteros Instructional Assistant

The DVC fulfills its goals by raising • Program Support • Education and Information • Advocacy • Special Events ABOUT US “Just knowing that the Delaware Valley Chapter provides more hemophilia may be at risk for bleeding after dental work, surgery and trauma. They may also

assistant or a nurse apply very basic anaesthetics. she championed sedation techniques for dental surgery and for the mentally program in 1947. Her first pupils Boeré and Mauve were general practitioners in their thirties, later to lead academic departments of their own. She

The program yourself! EASTBAY Works Youth Youth Connect Dental Assistant 9. Physical Therapist 10. Physician Assistant www.wordle.net Youth Connect Page 2 DVC Certificate Programs Out of the 20 fastest-growing jobs in the

And instruct the assistant regarding completing the appointment and future scheduling. Doctor chair time should be about 10 minutes. Victoria Pralgausky graduated from the DVC dental assisting program in 2000 and took the state board exam for her RDA license in 2001.

Dental Bulletin The pathogenesis of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) o thermas uing dvc p l patient to mark progress and gain a sense of improvement. Assistant Professor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry

DVC, Dean, Director of RMC). Dental . Nursing Science . Cluster & Sub-clusters. Cluster . Sub Cluster . Sub Cluster . Sub Cluster . Clinical and Health Sciences . Assistant (GRA) Salary and allowances for Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) only.

Dental Therapists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Optometrists, Oral Hygienists, Pharmacists, Dean and DVC with Equity Office. Dean June 2006. As determined by the Equity Office Dean/Assistant Dean/Nominee (chair)

Andrea Waylen Senior Lecturer in Oral and Dental Sciences (Med & Dent) Neil Marrion Vanessa Didelez Reader in Statistics (Science) Sadie Slater Research Assistant, Clinical Sciences (Med & Dent) Anna Tiley PhD The DVC and PVCs have meetings arranged with Deans and

Assistant in the Office of the DVC TIP, were tendered in Feb-ruary. DVC: Technology, Innovation and Partnerships CONGRATULATIONS Department of Dental Ser-vices -Ms Nicky Muller, TIP -Mrs Charmaine Naidoo,