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Dentistry and the College of the Pacific, the undergraduate liberal arts and sciences division, have partnered to establish the nation’s Dental Hygiene Courses Equipping students with knowledge of oral health and disease,

DENTAL HYGIENE (AAS-DHYG) Associate of Applied All academic and specialized courses listed on the degree plan must be completed with a “C The Texas State Legislature mandates that institutions assess all entering undergraduate students for readiness to enroll into college-level

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I hope that you will consider joining us as a student at Trinity College Dublin. Trinity College Dublin is recognised internationally as Ireland’s

Online Undergraduate Courses The table below includes all undergraduate courses Edinboro University has offered online. The scheduling and format of courses offered by department can

COLLEGE OF NURSING Undergraduate Courses NURS 3001 Health Assessment 3.0 cr. Prereq: Admission to BS program, or permission of faculty. Introduces skills of health assessment across the lifespan with a focus on the adult.

: Undergraduate Courses Accounting Full Session 000282 -ACCT-210 -01 Financial Accounting 4 LCTR Owens, Ka T 05/10- 08/09 06:00 PM- 09:50 PM MDWY 146

15 March 2012 2 A dental hygienist’s major role is in the provision of oral health education and the prevention of oral disease to promote healthy oral behaviours.

Undergraduate* Certificate in Dental Assisting Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene The dental hygienist is a member of the dental health dental hygiene prerequisite courses at most Indiana

The dental hygienist is an integral part of the dental team, (Effective for all undergraduate students enrolled in the Dental Hygiene Program) H. Students repeating the year are required to repeat any dental hygiene courses in which they were enrolled that year and earned a

Students who meet Capstone requirements as outlined in the University Undergraduate Catalog, Most recent dates of employment as a dental hygienist: 2014 DH Degree Completion Ap. (4) In addition to the senior year Dental Hygiene courses,

B. Description of Dental Hygiene Programs II. COURSES REQUIRED FOR ADMISSION (and important notes and exceptions) A dental hygienist is trained and licensed to provide preventive dental services. undergraduate degree.