Dental Hygienist Needed Nc

NC 14202 (30018662) OSP 04/01/08 Dental Hygienist DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Positions in this banded class provide dental care and treatment to patients for initial

Dental Hygiene Program. General Information. Career Information. A dental hygienist is a licensed preventive oral health professional that provides educational, clinical and therapeutic services to the public.

DENTAL HYGIENIST Schematic Code 14202 and scheduling additional appointments as needed. Work also involves exposing radiographs and monitoring supplies and materials. Licensed to practice as a Dental Hygienist in the State of North Carolina.

For free coverage for these volunteer activities through a special program administered by the NC Dental Society and (Please list Specialty below) Dental Hygienist Dental Assistant Equipment Technician Laboratory Technician Dental Student Maintenance Laboratory Whatever is Needed

In the fall of each year, the NC Oral Health Section (OHS) public health dental hygienists conduct the annual dental screenings/assessments within elementary schools across the state.

ENTRY-LEVEL DENTAL HYGIENIST Definition: An entry-level dental hygienist is a licensed professional who conducts clinical oral examinations, performs preventive dental care, treats and maintains dental disease, and delivers education to promote optimum

Service, and a willingness to assist as needed are expectations for all employees. Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution, current Dental Hygienist license in North Carolina, two (2) years of clinical experience in dental hygiene, and one (1)