Dental Hygienist Course Outline

COURSE OUTLINE Term: Summer 2013 Subject Code: DENT Course Number: 1045 PLA Applicable: N Course Name: Intro to Dental Hyg Profesion Grade Mode: Numeric Credit Value: 3.0

Course Goal The dental hygiene students will gain an understanding of the roles of the dental hygienist and inclusion of oral health services as an integral component of community health programs.

•A dental hygienist working in the OHASP must be employed by, or under contract with, Sample Welcome Packet • Outline of the types of services to be provided

Course outline and/or brief summary 3. Course Evaluation form: three provided dentist/dental hygienist license number/CDA number will be entered in the Pennsylvania Dental included on your certificate as part of the PA Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies course

Dental Board of California Registered Dental Assistant Law and Ethics Examination Outline June 2010 1. Scope of Practice 32% — This content area assesses the candidate’s knowledge of the laws governing the Registered Dental

Licensed dentist, registered dental hygienist, or an must satisfactorily complete a 70-hour course of study in dental radiography that is accredited by the Below is a sample of some publications used by item

Sample Question 11 Outline for 2002-2003 Organizational Goals 1. Hygienist Dental Assistant Office Staff Other Sample Question #22 COURSE OBJECTIVES At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

Course Outline. 1. Alpha and Number Dental Hygiene 258. DH 258. Course Title Periodontics 2 & Advanced Clinical Techniques. Number of Credits Two credits (2)

A dental hygienist desiring restorative endorsement shall apply to the board by either showing successful passing of the restorative Course description and/or outline from the university or college where you received your training in restorative functions to verify

Course Syllabus DHYG 1311 -Periodontology Course Rubric Comprehensive Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist, Weinberg, Westphal, The student will be able to outline the history of dental implants, explain factors contributing to success or

BlueCare® Dental PPO Outline of Coverage I. Read this outline of coverage carefully. An outline of coverage provides a very brief description of some important features of

Board-approved course Dental Assistant Trainee Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) Registered Dental Assistant with Expanded Duties Training licensed as a dental hygienist; and complete a Board approved CODA accredited EFDA program; jurisprudence exam; CPR