Dental Hygienist Cost For School

WHAT DO DENTAL HYGIENISTS DO? Dentalhygienistscleanteeth,examinepatientsfororaldiseasessuchas gingivitis,andprovideotherpreventativedentalcare. Theyalsoeducate patientsonwaystoimproveandmaintaingoodoralhealth. WHERE DO THEY WORK?

A public health dental hygienist is a practicing registered dental hygienist who may perform dental hygiene not in excess of the cost of copying the record. or dental school clinic(s)

Registration The cost of registration is currently $357.78 and the annual practice certificate is either as a Dental Assistant, Therapist or Hygienist, of three year secondary education schooling in English,

8. What is the highest grade of schooling that you have completed? (check one only) 3. When did this child last see a dentist or dental hygienist for dental care? Cost Are you

• Special schooling for physically or mentally (by a DDS or dental hygienist), including dentists’ fees, X-rays, fillings, braces, extractions and dentures • Orthodontics (usually the pro-rated cost attributable to this plan year) • Cost of guide dog for blind or deaf

Dentist or dental hygienist? Tartar If answered correctly, move 5 spaces forward. If incorrect, stay on current space. How many dental schools are there in the United States? 55 If answered 55, move 8 spaces forward. What is the average annual cost for an undergraduate attending a public SD

• Special schooling for physically or mentally disabled dependents (by a DDS or dental hygienist), including dentists’ fees, X-rays, fillings, braces, • Cost of equipping an auto for the disabled (in excess of regular

School of Dental Hygiene 1150 E. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 Registered Dental Hygienist function within the legal scope of practice and use professional standards of care D. COST ESTIMATE FOR THE DENTAL HYGIENE PROGRAM: Approximately $16,000.00 – $18,000 subject to

A dental hygienist. In order to receive points, The estimated cost for the dental hygiene program is approximately $21,000 for the two years. This includes normal student expenses dental hygiene and dental school programs

Graduate of a school of dental hygiene approved by the Board. concerning the cost of traditional dental hygiene education showed sufficient however, (1) that the dental hygienist or dental assistant shall not

Prevention of oral disease, and on the hygienist’s role as a dental health educator. The hygienist’s services are sought by cost effective care. • Clinic II and Have satisfactorily graduated from a recognized high school with a grade average of “C” or better, or

What is a Dental Hygienist? private offices clinics public health settings hospitals and nursing homes Why TMCC Dental Hygiene? Cost Community Socialization Students are strongly supported and mentored association members and faculty Preparation for Dental Hygiene School