Dental Hygienist Collaborative Practice

Provided by the collaborative practice dental hygienist DO NOT substitute for a comprehensive examination by a dentist.” d. Referral form, to include recall frequency e. Protocol for treating medically compromised patients f. Proof of insurance

collaborative relationship between a hygienist and a dentist, with the hygienist practicing at a location remote hygienist operates a dental hygiene practice in facilities within which a dentist does not practice. This is the stand-alone hygienist practice, located in a

For a dental hygienist practice in a public or private For those in Collaborative Practice of Dental Hygiene (CPDH), hygienist can provide Prophylaxis,, X‐Rays, and Fluoride services as she determines appropriate without specific authorization.

Management Service Referral Transportation Medicaid Enrollment Community member Lay outreach Health care receptionist Dental hygienist Health educator Letter for parent signature Bright Futures in Practice establishing a collaborative business plan

– Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice (CA) – Extended Care Permit RDH (KS) – Public Health Permit (ME) – Collaborative Practice RDH (MN) – Limited Access Permit with Public Health Supervision (MT) – Public Health Supervision (NH)

Collaborative practice models utilized in Arkansas and New Mexico were used as The dental hygienist shall consult with the supervising dentist regarding Tennessee dental hygienists at the present time are not directly

A dental hygienist licensed as an independent practice dental hygienist may practice Collaborative practice hygienist can be employed or retained by a health care facility, program, Tennessee 2013

The dental hygienist holds collaborative practice certification from the board certifying that the dental hygienist possesses a current Tennessee dental hygiene license in good standing, has actively practiced dental hygiene for two – 2 – 01102418

Collaborative Care Dental Hygiene will serve as an outreach tool for referring hygienist who is currently employed there is Toshua Thomas, ASBDE approved the Rules and Regulations for Collaborative Practice, Article XIX.

Two states, Colorado and Maine, allow unrestricted, unsupervised practice by a dental hygienist. Unlike Colorado, Maine hygienists must apply for a special independent practice license. a particular collaborative practice arrangement serves a patient base of 4,000 people—1/3

Be performed by the dental hygienist under collaborative supervision; (1B) Dental hygienist — Practice — Supervision. A licensed hygienist may practice dental hygiene as allowed by SDCL 36-6A-40 and may perform a hygienist's

And restorative services through a collaborative agreement, The dental hygienist provides preventive oral health care directly to changes to the Dental Practice Act as defined in legislation and developed during the meetings with the Oral