Dental Assistant Wages 2012

DENTAL ASSISTANT 18.37 19.11 20.87 21.22 21.62 21.97 22.54 (October 2012 – October 2013) the Saskatchewan CPI increased by 1.5% Combined Lab & X-Ray Technician – $4,171 [Range of $3,600 to $4,445; Median $4,350]

Dental Assisting Associate of Applied Graduates are also eligible to take the Dental Assis ng Na onal Board to become a cer ed Dental Assistant *Wages and salary data provided by the Bureau of Labor Sta s cs, Tennessee Department of Labor

403.161 Social Security Wages $995 403.210 Office Supplies $300 430.198 Disablity/Life Insurance/Vision/Dental $12,000 December 17, 2012 16. 2013 Budget 8.500.100 Salaries & Wages $277,000 December 17, 2012 23. 2013 Budget

Volume 1, Issue 1, September 2012 ISSN 2304-2613 Copyright © 2012, Asian Business Consortium | ABR Page 126 Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction, Motivation and wages that are sufficient to purchase the essentials of retirement benefits and job security. Social needs create a sense of

There is no cost to participants. A social security no. is required to enroll. Classes are in the Kellogg Building ASSISTANT FOOD SERVICE DIRECTOR – Clark Nursing and Rehabilitation is seeking a qualified individual with dental, and life insurances, 401k, paid vacation/holidays

Dental Assistant EMT Pharmacy Technician Child Support, Social Security, Wages from a job, Unemploy- Norwalk, CT Any Norwalk Housing Authority resident or Section 8 recipient with children 0-3 years old is encouraged to at-

dental assistant or to simply broaden their expertise to pursue a career in dentistry in some other May 14th through July 16th 2012. August 6th through Oct 15 2012. January 14th through Social Security Number:_____ Address (Street, City, State, Zip):

Average Annual Wages Dental Assistant $32,850 Dental Hygienist $60,420 Experienced Level Wages Dental Assistant $37,250 Dental Hygienist $66,820 $10,000 (2012 data) Average Annual Wages Entry Level Wages Experienced Level Wages $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000

2 The 2012 Dental Hygienist Workforce Survey Methodology The Dental Hygienist Workforce Survey is administered to licensed dental hygienists through the Department of

Average hourly wages and salary vary according to years of experience for all Combining both full- and part-time medical assistant respon-dents, 51 percent work in a single specialty practice, Major medical Dental Vision Disability Accidental death Discount prescription

2012 Annual Report Mission Statement Advancing access to quality, Lead Dental Assistant Lisa Proehl Support Services Coordinator Financial Posi’on 2012 Current Assets Salaries, Wages, and Beneļ¬ts $ 2,249,855

2012 HHRAM Healthcare Wage & Salary Survey Administered by Denarius Human Resources, Inc. on behalf of HHRAM Information Systems Applications Specialist – Nursing Applications Specialist – Pharmacy Dental Assistant Dialysis Technician .