Dental Assistant Typical Hours

Please return this form with your license renewal. Section C: Employment Information 7. How many hours do you work as a dental assistant in a typical week?

A Flexible Career Path A versatile workday is typical in any dental assistant’s career. Dental assistants work with dentists during all types of treatment procedures and perform a wide range of oral processes

Weeks per Year Hourly Wage $ (eg. health & dental ___% Annual Salary $ Your DVMs Hours Worked per Week Vacation Weeks per Year Hourly Wage $ A typical Veterinary Hospital Office Manager may be responsible for the following:

Owner hours worked per week 20 associate hours worked per week n/a number of days worked per year 250 number of weeks worked per year 50 collection data what is your collection percentage 98% actual accounts receivable balance $39,321 assistant 3/04 yes $7831 $37,100

Satisfaction with number hours worked in a typical week Number of respondents (735) Too many hours 9% Just about right 84% Not enough hours 7% Number of days per week asked to “work over” on main CNA job Number of Number of hours in typical week for the following: Number of

# patient visits per month # months worked per year # patient visits per year Typical dental clinic construction costs of $165 per sq. ft of cost. The example assumes a six-operatory dental clinic. Staffing is based on two DDS, one dental hygienist, and one dental assistant per

3.8 Service Hours per Typical Week 570 5.5 Dental Insurance No 5.6 Vision Insurance Yes 5.7 Life Insurance Yes 5.8 Pension Yes 5.9 Paid Sick Leave Yes 5.10 6.3 Average Hours Worked Per Week 40 6.4 Minimum Salary $64,848.00

Position Description Dental Assistant 2 2 11. Receives and places necessary telephone calls consistent with professional matters, clinic business and patient care of the Dental Department.

Dental Assistant Job Desc Performance Eval — May 2013 Page 7 of 10 PHYSICAL, SENSORY, ENVIRONMENTAL QUALIFICATIONS: In a typical day, this job involves the activities listed below.

Clinical Dental Assistant X Administrative Dental Assistant X Educator X Program can range from 90 minutes- 2 hours (Time can be modified as needed) Understand how HIPAA regulations apply to a typical dental office Recognize breaches in privacy or security

Or hygienists reported working in 2.6 dental offices for an average of 2,270 hours per applicant. Of those nonacademic characteristics of the typical dental school applicant. non-dental assistant or dental hygienist applicants White Asian Black Hispanic Applicants 427 283 33 34

A dental assistant is a valuable member of the dental office or clinic staff whose responsibilities include chairside assisting, radiography, laboratory procedures, office management, and public relations. The typical hours are 8:30 – 5:00. For