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For$Dental$Assistant$program,F$(failing)$is$below$75%.$For all other Allied Health Programs, F The Tuition and fees table for the Medical Assistant Version 2.0 program is revised. Tuition and fees table Program$ Program$Length$ Credit$Units$ Tuition$ Estimated$$

The interior of the mouth can be a dark and frightening place, especially in the mind of a patient, but to professionals equipped with dental magnifiers much can be learned. Patients are unaware that to the trained eye, the gums, teeth, tongue, and tissues inside can not only tell about their lifestyle and habits, but they can also be predictors of disease. In order to make the most of examinations of the mouth, the dentist will need to get a closer look through the use of a dental magnifier. The effectiveness of the diagnosis will be determined by the visual acuity of the dentist. This requires finding the perfect magnifiers for the practitioner’s use. It must be able to perform for the dentist to allow him to fully function in his job.

Ergonomics is the science that studies the relationship between people and their work environment. Dental professionals spend a considerable amount of their time sitting during the course of dental procedures. It is a well established fact that long seating hours result in lower back pain, tendonitis and musculoskeletal complication; more commonly referred as cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs). Therefore dental professionals are often advised to work with equipment that are designed ergonomically and address the need for increased productivity and cumulative stress reduction.

Dental Assistant Program Information Guide and Application August 2014 FRANKLIN TECHNOLOGY CENTER @ MSSU 3950 E. Newman Road Joplin, MO 64801 Phone: (417) 659-4400 TUITION** Application Fee of $50.00 Required Prior to Acceptance Into Program

Future Dental Assistants of Atlanta, LLC Tuition and Financial Arrangements The tuition for our ACCELERATED DENTAL ASSISTING COURSE is: $2250.00

The tuition fee includes all of the following: (There are no hidden costs once you get started) Textbook: "Essentials of Dental Assisting”, Dental Assistant pin, and a letter of recommendation will be awarded to all students who

Colorado Dental Assisting School, LLC Enrollment Agreement Page 1 of 3 Registration Form The tuition for the DENTAL ASSISTING course of study offered by Colorado Dental

Have you ever attended the Dental Assistant Training School? Tuition o Chair side and Administrative $3850 registration fee (half of the deposited amount) and will have to pay the registration fee again to change dates.

DENTAL DENTAL ASSISTING PROGRAM Tuition: In-county $90, Out-of-county $95, Out-of-State $100. All students pay $1,345 course fee, instruments guide book are the same as used in Chesapeake College’s Basic Dental Assistant course.

DATS, LLC. – Dental Assistant School 2013 Enrollment Agreement Please send Enrollment Application to: P.O. Box 49128 West Carrollton, Ohio 45449

Tuition and Fees Page 7 – 8 Enrollment Agreement Exh. A1-A5 Refund and Cancellation Our Dental Assistant Training Program is designed to give the student an introduction to the concepts and theories of dental assisting.

ASSISTANT m OTHER Tuition: $495 • Registration Deadline: June 8, 2012 Credit Card: m Dental Medicine. Refund Policy $65 of tuition payment (per registrant) is NON-REFUNDABLE unless the course is completely enrolled when the registration

Tuition and Financial Arrangements The tuition for the DENTAL ASSISTING course of study offered by this institution is: $2,995 The above tuition covers all costs for the course. A Certificate in Dental Assisting, Dental Assistant pin,