Dental Assistant Level 2

Dental Assistant . DNAS 101 Fundamentals in Dental Assisting . Reading Placement Test Level: None . Prerequisite: Admission to Dental Assistant Program

Page 1 of 19 Dental Assisting September 2009 Dental Assistant Levels: Grade 12 Units of Credit: 2.0 CIP Code: 51.0601 Prerequisite: None

Dental Assistant – $2,693 [Range of $1,900 to $3,400; Median $2,642] initial salary level that is rec-ommended for an individual, presumably a new graduate; who has never had any expe-rience in the duties of a li- cenced

There is a demand for Dental Assistants, both at entry-level and as skills and experience Salary increases with experience. ABOUT THE INSTRUCTORS: for 14 years as a Chairside Dental Assistant.

Sample Occupations in Dental > Dental Assistant > Dentist an entry-level position for a dental assistant generally starts at an average or $19,552 per year.2 Increases in salary are based upon training, education, and experience. In Utah, a dental assistant must be licensed.

Salary Forecast: For the most current 2. Dental Assistant (DA) courses are delivered at Putnam Career and Technical Center at Eleanor, WV. 3. Choose from EC, HIST, PSYC, SS 100-level or above. Dental Assistant1,2,3

(2) Dental Assisting National The following states authorize a dental assistant to perform functions which are beyond the scope of an assistant's "traditional" duties, Care Provider level May work with general supervision; approved program and exam

Dental Assistant II January 19, 2011. 2 Presented by: Virginia Board of Dentistry Executive Director Direction is the level of supervision that a dentist or dental hygienist is required to exercise to direct and oversee

DENTAL ASSISTANT DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS The following chart outlines the levels of dental assistants allowed in each state, what the requirements are to reach

Dental Assistant Job Title Education Requirement CE Requirements Self-Study vs. Live Renewal Supervision Requirements Entry Level Dental Assistant None None n/a None Direct Expanded Function DA Graduate of Board approved EFDA program & exam passage 10 hrs either Every 2 years Direct

ENTRY-LEVEL EXPANDED DUTY DENTAL ASSISTANT Definition: An entry-level expanded duty dental assistant is a member of the professional dental team who assists

This allows you to practice as a Level II Dental€Assistant.€€As a graduate, you are eligible for certification by the Ontario Dental Assistants Association. The Dental Assisting Program at Confederation College is accredited by the Commission on