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And certification in a variety of positions American Dental Association (ADA) If a nursing assistant comes to you from another state, 310-4650 Web site: Texas Nurses Aide Registries. Credentialing Department. PO Box 149030. MC W-240.

Cleaner, dental floss, moisturizing lotion, tissues, cotton balls, cotton . swabs, deodorant, incontinence care and supplies, sanitary napkins and related supplies, towels, washcloths, hospital gowns, over the counter

Release Date: 03/04/08 Revised Date: 08/15/13 2 of 5 2RC45 Supervising Dental Assistant, Correctional Facility California Correctional Health Care Services’

Dental Assistant Job Description Requirements: Must have current and valid California Dental Radiation Safety Certificate and a Registered Dental Assistant License from the Department of Consumer Affairs,

California Dental Practice Act, Sacramento, CA: Department of Consumer A ffairs. Dietz-Bourguignon, E. (2006). Materials and Procedures for Today’s Dental Assistant (1st ed.). ISBN #: 1401837336, Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning. Dietz, E. (2002). Safety Standards and

dental assistant su51 7656 bulletin release date: june 06, 2013 final filing date: july 05, 2013 (departments of mental health developmental services) it is an objective of the state of california to achieve a drug-free state work place.

DENTAL ASSISTANT, CF JOB ANALYSIS BACKGROUND INFORMATION Date of Study: June 13, 2005 Collective Bargaining Identification: Job Analysis Conducted By: Dollye Dockery, Personal Exam Analyst Office of Workforce Planning and Selection

6-10 Dental Care 35. AGR personnel are eligible for special or incentive pay based upon the types of jobs they perform or the areas in including referrals to specialists, with the help of the local health care finder (HCF). Remember: the PCM and HCF must arrange for a referral when

Administrative Assistant . the communities to ensure the availability of employment opportunities for Vietnam Era Veterans who are seeking state jobs. the Department of Mental Health [DMH], and the Division of Health Care Finance and Policy [HCF]. Workforce Analysis and Highlights.

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Administrative Assistant and the Division of Health Care Finance and Policy [HCF]. technical illustrators, highway technicians, technicians (medical, dental, electronic, physical sciences), police and fire sergeants, inspectors (production or processing inspectors,

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