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Dental Assisting National Board, or the Ohio Commission on Dental Assistant Certification, or licensure or certification from a similar state board. A list of candidates follows: Kathy D. Adams Germany for the military under contract for three (3) years.

Chair side assistant orthodontic assistant dental receptionist and representative of Dentsply, Unitek and Dentaurum. She has taken part in several overseas courses held by parent companies Unitek (USA), Dentaurum (Germany). Her responsibilities include staff recruitment and training

DMG Chemisch-pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH Germany Dr. Ihde Dental AG Switzerland Georg Schick Dental Germany German Information Stand (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) Germany GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd Singapore

Dental composite filling materials have been used as much success for more 10 years in Main manufacturers are LuxaCore Dual- DMG, GmbH Elbgaustrasse 248 22547 Hamburg Germany and ABSOLUTE DENTIN

Dual, DMG Dental-Material GmbH, Germany) was used in teeth with three or four residual coronal walls. To standardize adhesive procedures for all core build-ups, the same dentin adhesive system was used (AllBond 2;Bisco, Schaumburg, IL, USA).

Calciumhydroxide – Liner (DMG – Dental – Material Gesellschaft, Germany) and Calcium hydroxide cones (ROEKO Langenau, Germany; is originally gutta percha coated with calcium hydroxide). Materials and methods Three different calcium-hydroxide containing

Germany Fon: +49. (0) 40. 84006-0 Fax: +49. (0) 40. 84006-222 Emergency contact: Infotrac-(800)535-5053 2. Hazards Identification None, if handled according to directions. Irritating to eyes and skin.

Book devoted entirely to dentistry, is published in Germany. Written for barbers and surgeons who treat the mouth, it • 1885 -The first female dental assistant is employed by C. Edmond Kells, a prominent New Orleans dentist. Her duties include chair-side assistance,

European Society of Dental Ergonomics in Bensheim, Germany, on June 10 and 11, 2005, requesting comments on it. 5 2. Significance of the requirements for dental equipment. dental assistant) the same requirements as mentioned above apply in principle.

BRASSELER · Germany · Printed in Germany · HB/1 · 402778V0 Clinical sequence 1. Cut the required part of the Jessica Mettler (Dental Assistant) Address all correspondence to: Langehegge 330 45770 Marl (Germany) 1 5 2 6 3 4 7 8 H219.104.023 946.104.220

18 countries, including Germany, Australia, Ethiopia, Austria, and China. Dental Assistant Student Counselor Endodontics Dental Administration/ Office of Student Affairs John Kearney Michael Low Adj Assist Professor Adjunct Instructor

Novative products made in Germany. Ritter dental units are the less expen- Designed also for your Dental Assistant The bi-articulating arm design of the dental assistant element allows a flexible positioning to suit any patient situation.