Dental Assistant Class Schedule


Computers are innovative and they are very effective to man. It the medical field, computer has lighten the load of the hospital staffs. Medical assistants must be well verse with different computer applications since they are the ones who use the computer system most of the time. During the job interview, the hiring manager must assess the applicant’s knowledge regarding computer applications. This is to check if the applicant has expert or basic knowledge on computers.

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Committed to Career Success Butte County Registered Dental Assistant Why should I take an ROP class? Experience is the best teacher. ROP can help you get the

Arkansas Dental Assistant Academy . Dental Assistant Training . Syllabus . Instructor: Diane Secrease, CDA, RDA. Director of the Program . Ph.: 870-932-0330

SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST FOR WINDCREST DENTAL ASSISTING SCHOOL * Notepad/Notebook * Red/Blue Pencil (double sided or 2 pencils) * Highlighter * Toothbrush/Toothpaste (for after lunch)

Continuing Education The employed dental assistant may be eligible to register for any course offered if space permits and if the working Co-op is a required class for students enrolled in the Dental Assisting Program. Through Co-op,

SUPERVISING DENTAL ASSISTANT, CORRECTIONAL FACILITY California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and a state of health consistent with the ability to perform the assigned duties of the class. A medical examination may be required.

The Entry Level Dental Assistant Training Program Classroom format Training is offered for 9 weeks in succession for a total of 18 class session.

Class Schedule 5 Entrance Requirements 5 Enrollment Procedures The graduate should be able to acquire a position as a Dental Assistant in a dental office. Program Cost Tuition $2895 Registration Fee

3. EDDA / APRIL 2011 CONTINUING DENTAL EDUCATION . The LSU EDDA Course. Description. LSU’s comprehensive EDDA course is offered to help prepare a dental assistant

Schedule of Credit Classes This class provides instruction on health history, functions delegated to the dental assistant and the registered dental assistant under the jurisdiction of the California Dental Practice Act as specified by the

class schedule for fees assigned to courses. What’s included? Continuing Education The employed dental assistant may be eligible Co-op is a required class for students enrolled in the Dental Assisting Program. Through Co-op,