Dental Assistant Charting Games

The program prepares students for entry-level positions as a chair-side dental assistant. This course covers the history of dentistry, • Tooth charting, tooth surfaces, Some lessons include supplemental resources such as games, animations, videos,

Odontal charting from participating providers. This lets you and your Games in Mashpee on Friday, April Certified dental assistant Receptionist Billing clerk Other (specify) _____ No one reads it

Dental Assistant A Dental Assistant is a vital member of the dental health team. As a dental assistant, you will enjoy a broad range of exciting and challenging duties.

Dental charting to show Initial charting when patient is first seen assistant must ensure the correct record is available. Records are usually stored by family name in alphabetical order. If a lot of family names are similar,

Module One: The Roles of the Dental Assistant, The Dental Team and Ethics of the Dental Profession taking and recording essential medical and dental information, and charting examination findings and treatment. Module Ten: Patient Care,

Charting contributes to the Part A section of the examination for the National Certificate for Dental Nurses, and Part C of the Independent Assessment.

1 MDA New Dental Health Care Worker “Dental Scaling Assistant” Registered Dental Therapist -1 Proposed additional functions delegable to dental assistants

CSLO 17 Students must become Registered as a Dental Assistant in Tennessee (or meet the Charting Symbols and Abbreviations . Records Retention . Records Transfer . (games, labeling exercises, etc.).

3 PPE Use in Healthcare Settings: Program Objectives • Provide information on the selection and use of PPE in healthcare settings • Practice how to safely don and remove PPE

charting Test: 10 Periodontics . Final Exam . correspond with WB: 50- 2&3, 52-1 The Pediatric Dental Assistant c. The Pediatric Dental Office d. The Pediatric Patient e. Use Evlolve learning resources (games, labeling exercises, etc.) f. Take Evolve Practice Tests g.

Includes experience as a dental assistant and as an office manager for 12 years in a large dental practice. image. You can also submit images, charting, and notes directly to Avēsis at no charge on our website at www. beautiful office has video games for the children,

Assistant Evaluations 5%. Periodontal; Radiographic; Calculus charting; Dental Charting. Oral Hygiene Instruction – 15%. Treatment – 25%. Treatment plan; Tissue trauma; Instrumentation; Polishing You will not play games or search the internet unless it is a class assignment for the